Fire Insurance
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Fire Insurance

Do all banks in Hong Kong accept OneDegree Fire Insurance?

Currently, we accept mortgage customers of the following banks/companies to apply for our Fire Insurance, - The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC) - Hang Seng Bank Limited - Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited - Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited - The Bank of East Asia, Limited - China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited - Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited - China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd., Hong Kong Branch - China CITIC Bank International Limited - Mortgage 360 Limited

Can I choose the effective date for my fire insurance policy?

The policy start date must be within the period from 10 to 180 days after your purchase. If you did not specify, the default start date will be 28 days from your purchase date. You may change the policy start date by emailing us at within 24 hours after purchase - please state the desired policy start date and your policy number for the process.

Is Building Insurance same as “Fire Insurance”?

Yes, Buildings Insurance is also commonly known as Fire Insurance. It covers a property's structure if there is damage caused by events including fire, typhoons/windstorms, and explosions. Many homebuyers looking to take out a mortgage need to buy fire insurance, as it is required by banks before they will approve a home loan.

Do I need to notify my mortgage bank after purchasing a OneDegree Fire Insurance policy?

No, we will take care of that for you. After your OneDegree Fire Insurance policy is issued, we will send a hard copy to your mortgage bank. 

How do I file a fire insurance claim?

If your property suffers from damage, please immediately: 1. take steps to minimize the damage; 2. give notice to OneDegree by emailing to; 3. report to Police in the event of deliberate or malicious damage.

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