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Home Insurance

Can I view and manage my home insurance policy through my OneDegree online account?

Not at this time. Please contact us at care@onedegree.hk if you need support or have any questions. 

I already have a fire insurance policy, do I still need a home Insurance policy?

Fire Insurance and home Insurance are different, but complementary. Home Insurance covers the content in your home, such as furniture, fixtures and fittings, clothing, household goods, personal effects, valuables and interior decorations.   It also provides coverage over third-party liabilities, protecting you in the event that you or your family member becomes legally responsible for others’ bodily injury or property damage, as an owner, occupier of your home and as a private individual. Fire Insurance covers the building structure, including walls, windows, ceiling, floor, pipes and the property's original fixtures and fittings. When these are damaged by fire, typhoons/windstorms, explosions, or other covered events, your fire policy will help cover the repair costs. Having both types of insurance will give your home comprehensive protection.

Does OneDegree's home insurance cover jewellery and art pieces?

Yes, OneDegree's home insurance provides coverage over your valuables, including jewellery, watches, photographic equipment, works of arts, furs, coin collection, etc. For more details, please refer to the insurance policy wording.

Is there any exclusion?

We don’t cover you for: 1. Uninsurable risk such as scratching, corrosion, wear and tear; 2. Items which are insured under a separate policy; 3. Malicious damage or vandalism by a person residing in the insured premises; 4. Contact lenses, mobile/portable phone, laptop, computer; 5. The insured premises unoccupied for more than 30 days. For more details, refer to our insurance policy wording.

If I am not the property owner, can I purchase a home insurance policy?

Yes. Even if you are not the property owner, OneDegree's Home Insurance can provide coverage over household contents and 3rd party liability to you and your family members as occupiers of the property.

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