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If the windows at home are damaged by a typhoon, will OneDegree Home Insurance provide coverage?

Yes, when the policyholder is the landlord or occupant of the insured address, we will pay for the window glass breakage at the insured property caused by typhoon, windstorm, fire, landslide, flooding, Robbery or Burglary.   Please note that if the policy is purchased after the Hong Kong Observatory has issued a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above/Black Rainstorm Warning, any related losses caused by that particular typhoon or rainstorm warning signal will not be covered.   For more details, please refer to the Home Insurance Policy Wording.

Can I view and manage my home insurance policy through my OneDegree online account?

Yes. You can now manage your Home Insurance policy and view policy documents through your OneDegree online account*.      *Only applicable to Home Insurance Policyholders who purchased their policies on or after 22 December 2022. If you purchased the policy before the mentioned date, you may refer to the confirmation email we sent to you after the policy was issued for the policy documents. 

If the television I just bought breaks down, can OneDegree's Home Insurance provide coverage for this?

If you have added on “Home Appliances Warranty” coverage to your Home Policy, or purchase Home Appliances Warranty Insurance, we will reimburse the repair fee of the following listed Appliances which have been purchased for no longer than 5 years (by the time of claim submission): television (excluding the screen); air conditioner; refrigerator; washing machine; dryer; washer-dryer combo; hood; hobs; oven; dehumidifier; air purifier; water heater; vacuum cleaner; and water filtration system. This newly launched “Home Appliances Warranty” coverage is only applicable to those Home Policy enrolled on or after 31 Oct 2022. For those Home Policies purchased before this date, the coverage terms and conditions should be according to the issued policy wording as final. P.S. This “Home Appliances Warranty” additional coverage must also fulfill the specific criteria/conditions indicated in the relevant sections. Please refer to the policy wording for a comprehensive reference.

How do I file a Home Appliances Warranty Insurance claim?

Please download the claim forms from the below links, and email the form, along with the required documents stated on the form, to us at Our claims team will contact you for additional information & supportive documents if needed. Please download the Claim form here: Download. Please submit your claim with the required documents within 30 days from the date of occurrence or discovery.

If I do not have children or pets, can I remove Pet Owners' 3rd party liability coverage, School Closure Compensation due to WHO declared pandemic and Hospital Cash due to Accident from my policy?

Yes, OneDegree's Home Insurance allows you to customize your own coverage. If you do not need Pet Owners' 3rd party liability coverage, School Closure Compensation due to WHO declared pandemic and Hospital Cash due to Accident, you can remove these coverage and we will adjust your premium based on your policy coverage.

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