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Policy Management

Under what circumstances will my pet insurance policy be terminated or discontinued?

Your pet insurance policy will only be terminated when: - the pet insured passed away; - the premium is not fully paid at the end of the grace period; or - any misrepresentation, false information, or failure to disclose details which could influence our assessment of your policy application.  You will be notified in advance, and in line with fair and transparent practice, we will inform you the reason for ending your policy. If you have questions about our termination policy, please contact us via our live chat or email us at care@onedegree.hk . 

Will my premium increase when I renew my pet’s policy?

It's possible that the premium may be adjusted when it's time to renew your policy. We will notify you in advance if there will be any changes and the reason for them. Factors we consider for pricing adjustments include: - Collective claim experience in the preceding years by Hong Kong pet owners - Your pet’s age at renewal - Average increase of the veterinary surgeon charges We can assure you that we don't base premium adjustments on a policyholder's individual claim history.

How do I update my contact details?

You can change your contact details by: 1. Log in your account 2. Click the “Account” button on top of the page and click “Settings” 3. You may edit your contact info at the bottom of the page

Can I cancel my pet policy?

Yes. You can cancel your pet policy as long as no claims have been paid during the current policy period. If a policy is cancelled before the end of the 7th day from the policy start date, we will refund in full. For example, for a plan bought on June-1, you can get the full amount back if it is cancelled before the end of June-7. For cancellations after the 7th day from policy start date: If you have chosen the annual billing option, we will refund the unused premium net of a 10% cancellation fee. Unused premium is calculated on a pro-rata monthly basis. A partial month is considered a full month in determining your refund amount. For example, if you paid HKD 1,200 at the beginning on January-1, and you chose to cancel this policy on February-1, the unused premium is equal to 10 months of premium counting from March, which is HKD 1,000. Cancellation charge is 10% of the annual premium which is HKD 120. You will then get a cancellation refund of HKD 1,000 - HKD 120 = HKD 880. If you have chosen the monthly billing option, there will be no premium refund or cancellation charges.

When can I renew my policy?

Your policy can be renewed starting 30 days before the policy end date. We will send you renewal information before then and inform you whether there will be any coverage or premium adjustments.

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