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The first and only Turtle, Tortoise & Bird Insurance in town

Exclusive 30% discount for supporters of our earlier online petition campaign

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30% off on your second policy

If you hold any Pet or Critical Illness Insurance policy, you could enjoy a 30% off on your second policy; for enrollment of Fire Insurance or Home Insurance, you can also enjoy a 30% rebate.

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Pawfect Offer in December

Get 20% off your first year's premium when you apply for Pawfect Care with the promo code 【FULL20】on or before 31 December 2022!

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Pet Wellness Program Offer

Enroll now to enjoy a 30% off offer on our new Pet Wellness Program on or before 31 Dec!

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Fire Insurance special offer

Enroll with referral code【FREEHOME】to enjoy 1-year complimentary Home Insurance(premium rebate up to HKD 800)! ^Terms and conditions apply.

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Home Insurance Offer

Enjoy 30% off your first year's premium for Home Insurance now!

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