Better When We’re Together

Innovation is our jam. OneDegree collaborates with insurance leaders, as well as cross-industry partners, to implement digital solutions and deliver brand-new user experiences. Together, we are raising the bar and making insurance better.

How we work with our partners

OneDegree Hong Kong (ODHK) is a licensed virtual insurer in Hong Kong. In addition to offering our own insurance products, ODHK also seeks opportunities to tap into new industries and trends. We have strong connection with leaders in different fields, providing professional service that cater actual market needs. Learn more of our partnership here.
The role of our sister company, OneDegree Global (ODG), is a little different. ODG’s focus is on collaborations with other insurance companies and providers. Leveraging on our insurance and tech capabilities, we help partners deliver better user experiences, boost internal efficiency, and launch new products faster. Learn more about our core insurance platform, IXT Core, on OneDegree Global’s website.
OneDegree HKOneDegree HK

Your success is our success

We get it. Driving innovation is often easier said than done, especially in a large organization with existing processes and legacy systems. But whether your company is big or small, a start-up or an established player, OneDegree can help.
Our end-to-end digital platform is easily customizable and designed to seamlessly integrate into any existing system. We care about our the success of our partners and our team is committed to helping them unlock new business potentials.
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