Minimal Premium for Infinite Protection

Took an unexpected turn in life? We’ve got your back! OneDegree's brand new Critical Illness Insurance InfiniCare offers a groundbreaking unlimited total number of claims with no saving component (note 1). With premium as low as HKD 30 /month, you pay less but get the best protection in return!

Product Features

Unlimited total no. of claimsNote1

Our InfiniCare allows any type of covered critical illness to be claimed once during the policy period. Compared with products that generally have more rigid claim limits, our coverage is more suitable for customers who are worried about various major diseases.

98% of critical illness cases coveredNote2

Worried that you might be sick in the future? Our policy protects you up to a total of 62 critical illnesses including 7 major ones in Hong Kong – we’ve got you covered!

No survival period

We will stand by you through thick and thin, and we mean it. Survival period is not required for our protection (except for Terminal Illness), so even if the insured passes away unfortunately, compensation will still be offered.

Why do you need Critical Illness Insurance?
Hong Kong people lead a hectic work life, and the stress they are burdened with places them at much higher risk of severe illnesses. For the sake of yourself and your loved ones, a comprehensive critical illness protection is vital for everyone.
Our insurance covers up to 62 illnesses, providing you with the most comprehensive protection.
Any diagnosed malignant tumors, for example:
Colorectal cancer
Lung cancer
Breast cancer
Liver cancer
The actual coverage varies by plans.
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Critical illness insurance premiums are affected by age, gender, saving components, and smoking habits, while OneDegree critical illness insurance has no savings component, and has lower premiums.
Relationship to the Proposed Insured
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
Smoking Habit
Sum Assured (HKD)
HKD 100,000
HKD 3,000,000
Sum Assured (HKD)
Critical Illness Benefit
Covers the most common Critical Illnesses​
One-off payment
Early-stage Critical Illness Benefit
Receive support promptly
One-off advance payment
Multi-pay Benefit
A maximum of one claim can be made for each Critical Illness
Per claim amount
7 illnesses
62 illnesses
3 Early stage illnesses
62 illnesses
3 Early stage illnesses
All undiagnosed covered medical conditions (except for Terminal Illness and Loss of Independence Existence)
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How do our benefits work?

Early-stage Critical Illness Benefit
Multi-pay Benefit
A benefit for Boost and Infinity specially!
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01 DEC 2021
Apple enrolled in our Critical Illness Insurance Boost at the age of 33, the sum assured: HKD2,000,000.
01 MAR 2022​
The 90-day waiting period ends and the protection is officially in effect.
Diagnosed with early stage critical illness
1 JUL 2022​
Apple was unfortunately diagnosed with carcinoma-in-situ​, and received HKD 300,000 (20% of the Sum Assured or a maximum of HKD 300,000) after submitting the relevant proof of her claim.​
1 DEC 2022​
Apple decided to renew the insurance to protect herself from the risk of other critical illnesses. The protection can last up to the age of 85.
1 MAY 2025​
Apple suffered a stroke at the age of 37 and received a compensation of HKD 1.7 million (remaining Sum Assured) after submitting the application. Since all Sum Assured have been fully compensated, the policy will automatically terminate after compensation.​
Please note that Early-stage Critical Illness Benefit and Critical Illness Benefit share the same payout limit since Early-stage Critical is an advance payment of Major Critical Illness. The total settlement is 100% of the Sum Assured.
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Which plan suits me best?

Focus on Main Risks

Core fits you best, as it covers the 7 most common critical illnesses including cancer, coronary artery bypass graft, heart disease, other serious coronary artery disease, stroke, benign brain tumor, and kidney failure.

Comprehensive Coverage

We recommend Boost. In addition to the 7 most common critical illnesses, it also covers 55 critical illnesses, plus 3 early-stage critical illnesses including carcinoma-in-situ, early thyroid cancer or prostate cancer, and coronary angioplasty.

Continuous Protection

Infinity provides all the protections of the Boost Plan, along with Hong Kong's first-in-market multiple claims feature. Every time a new critical illness is diagnosed, you can receive 80% of the Sum Assured.

What’s not covered?
Pre-existing conditions
Conditions diagnosed after death
Conditions with signs or symptoms first occurred before or within the waiting period
Conditions caused by self-inflicted injuries, use of unprescribed narcotics, or alcohol or drug abuse
For the complete list of exclusions, please refer to the sample policy wording.

InfiniCare vs. Others

Common Term
Common Lifelong
Number of claims
Survival Period
One time / Unlimited times
At least one claim can be made for each critical illness
None (Except Terminal Illness)
Usually one time
End of policy after claiming any covered critical illness
Usually 7 to 14 days
One time / Multiple times
Some are eligible for multiple claims
Usually 7 to 14 days
The market is dominated by lifelong critical illness policies with a savings component not because the coverage is more comprehensive, but because the premiums are more expensive and the intermediaries get higher commissions for selling savings-based critical illness policies.
OneDegree Critical Illness Insurance has no savings component, and the premiums are all used for protection. Since we are a virtual insurer, the cost of brokerage is directly returned to the customer, making the premium more cost-effective. The mainstream insurance policies in the market are not necessarily the best. Shop smart, compare the coverage and premiums in detail.

Why OneDegree?

At your fingertips

Get a quote and stay protected easily with your laptop or mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

We don’t make you wait

There is no middleman between you and us, which means we can address your concerns directly and swiftly.

Simple, in a good way

Our plans are simple and concise, and offers you all the protection you need.


Only applicable to the Infinity Plan: There will be a waiting period of one year for each new type of Critical Illness after the first Critical Illness claim is made, and there is no limit to the total number of claims while the policy is in force, except that only a maximum of one claim can be made for each type of Critical Illness. Terminal Illness and Loss of Independent Existence apply to the first claim only; subject to other terms and conditions, please refer to the policy details.
The 62 critical illnesses covered by the Boost and Infinity Plan of OneDegree InfiniCare Critical Illness Insurance cover 98% of the specified critical illnesses under the 10Life Term Critical Illness Insurance scoring method.