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Claims Procedure

We’re sorry to hear your pet was not well. If you need to make a claim, please file within 30 days of your vet visit. It’s also important that you submit a receipt with all the required information (scroll down to see what’s required), or your claim may be rejected. If you notice any details missing, you can ask your vet to handwrite it on the receipt and verify it with a stamp or to send you an email with the additional info.

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Seeing the vet
Policyholders don't need to inform us before seeking vet treatment, but we suggest making an appointment with the clinic to avoid long waiting time or changes in opening hours.
  • Network vets: 90% reimbursement (Applicable to pets at age 1 or above)
  • Non-network vets: 70% reimbursement (Applicable to pets at age 1 or above at enrollment)
  • Pets from 13 weeks to 11 months at enrollment: All HK registered vets 50%
See list of network vets
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Vet clinic receipt requirements
To make sure you get paid as soon as possible, please remind your clinic to include the following on your receipt:
  • Date symptoms appeared
  • Diagnosis (specify illness)
  • Fee breakdown
  • Your pet's name or Microchip number
See receipt sample
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File a claim
Answer a few easy questions and upload receipts from your vet visit. If you need to file expenses from more than one trip to the vet, please file separate claims for each visit.
  • 1
    Log into your account
  • 2
    Select your pet's policy
  • 3
    Click "Make a claim"
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You're done!
Fast, transparent, and paperless!
  • Check your claim's status anytime from your account. We'll also let you know of any updates by email.​
  • Approved reimbursement will be sent directly to your bank account. Know that we've got your back when the unexpected happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What details should be on vet clinic receipt in order to make a claim?
Please remind the clinic to provide a receipt that includes your pet’s diagnosis (specify illness), symptom date, fee breakdown and your pet‘s name.
Do I need pre-authorization from OneDegree for veterinary treatment?
No. You can take your pet to any registered vet in Hong Kong and claim eligible expenses. Please note though the reimbursement rate is different for clinics in our network and those outside of our network. To ensure we can process your claim without delay, do remind your clinics to provide a receipt that include: symptom date, diagnosis (specify illness), fee breakdown and your pet’s name. For pets at age 1 or above at enrollment, the reimbursement rate is 90% for network clinics; and 70% for non-network clinics. For pets from 13 weeks to 11 months old at enrollment treated at both clinics, up to 50% can be reimbursed .
Is there a deadline for filing claims?
A claim must be filed within 30 days of your pet's clinic visit, and you can submit an inpatient claim within 30 days after discharge. We suggest filing right after seeing the vet so you don't miss the deadline. We won't be able to process or reimburse any late claims.
How do I check my claim status?
You can check your claim status at any time by logging into your pet’s account and going to Claim Center. We clearly show you the stage your claim is at so you’re always in the loop.
Can I appeal if my claim is rejected?
Yes. We will clearly explain to you the reasons behind our claim decision. If you disagree, please let us know through email at Our claims team will look into your case, and we may request more info from you and the attending vet to reassess your claim.
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