Fire Insurance - Best Price Guaranteed

OneDegree Fire Insurance guarantees the lowest price** at just 0.03% of your sum insured when most insurers charge up to 0.2%. You can save up to HK$150,000* for a 30-year mortgage! From now until 31 Mar 2023, sign up with referral code [FREEHOME] to enjoy a 1-year complimentary Home Insurance (premium rebate up to HKD 800).

Best Price


Some insurers may charge up to 0.2% of the sum insured annually for fire coverage. With OneDegree, you’ll pay just 0.03% for a policy, and if you find a better rate elsewhere, we’ll match it!

Other Insurers
Up to 0.2%
best price fire mortgage

*Assumed a comparison between highest premium rate of 0.2% and OneDegree premium rate of 0.03%, for a 30-year mortgage and sum insured of HKD 3million.
**If you find the same product at a lower price in the market, we will refund the difference. However, our lowest price guarantee only applies to Fire Insurance products with the same coverage and general terms as OneDegree Fire Insurance, and the price must be open to the public and does not include any discounts, deductions or waivers.

See how much we can save for you!
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We insure from HKD 500,000 to HKD 50,000,000. If you need more or less coverage, get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you. Please note that the minimum premium is set at HKD 400/year.
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
Other Providers
Premium with our rate 0.03% & highest market rate 0.2%
OneDegree HK
You would besaving up to
OneDegree HK
Our Key Features
Most banks require homeowners to take out fire coverage before approving a mortgage.
While the banks themselves also offer fire insurance, OneDegree gives homeowners an affordable alternative with the same comprehensive coverage.
Best-Price Guarantee
Choose your own policy start date with our special 180-day extension period
Customized coverage to meet your lender's requirements
Policy can be cancelled at any time
We cover damages caused by
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
Boiler or Gas Explosion
Coverage can be extended depending on your mortgage bank's needs
What’s Not Covered?
We currently only insure residential properties. In our standard Fire Insurance policy, damages from earthquakes, forest/bush fires, riot and strikes are among items that are excluded. However, this may differ from policy to policy, coverage can be extended depending on your mortgage bank's needs.
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HKOneDegree HK
OneDegree HKOneDegree HK
OneDegree HKOneDegree HK
OneDegree HKOneDegree HKOneDegree HK
OneDegree HKOneDegree HK
How does it work?
Buy a fire insurance policy on our website
We’ll inform your lender about your policy switch, and they will send you a notice once your new policy is confirmed. You just have to sit back and enjoy the savings!
If you are switching from another insurance provider, don’t forget to ask them for a premium refund.
OneDegree HKOneDegree HKOneDegree HKOneDegree HK
Terms and Conditions

This promotion is valid from now until 31 March2023 (“Promotion Period”). 


To enjoy up to HK$800 premium rebate on Home Insurance (“Premium Rebate ”), underwritten by OneDegree Hong Kong Limited ("OneDegree"), customers shall enter “FREEHOME” as the promo code and complete the application of Fire Insurance, also underwritten by OneDegree, using the designated button above within the Promotion Period.  Any failure in doing so will result in loss of Premium Rebate and no refund shall be arranged afterwards.


Only one promo code may be used at the purchase of Fire Insurance. All promo codes will be deemed invalid if more than one promo code is input on the checkout page.


Only the applicants who do not currently hold any fire insurance and/or Home Insurance policyholders, and have not held any fire insurance policy(ies) and/or Home Insurance policyholders  in the past 3 months from the date of application of the fire insurance are eligible for this Premium Rebate promotion.


An eligible Fire Insurance policyholder who successfully purchases a policy using the promo code during the Promotion Period (“Eligible Premium Rebate Recipient”) will receive an email with a designated link and a unique redemption code (“Redemption Code”) for application of Home Insurance via the email address provided during policy purchase, 1 week after the application date of Fire Insurance. Each Redemption Code can only be used once.  


The Redemption Code can be applied to any OneDegree Home Insurance plan, while the Home Insurance application is subject to underwriting by OneDegree.


To enjoy the Premium Rebate, Eligible Premium Rebate Recipient must complete Home Insurance application on the designated landing page with the Redemption Code within a month after the date of email and before 30 April 2023 (“Redemption Period”) (whichever date is earlier). The Redemption Code and Premium Rebate are not transferrable. Eligible Premium Rebate Recipient shall use the same identification number as provided in Fire Insurance application to complete Home Insurance application. Any failure in doing so will result in loss of Premium Rebate and no refund shall be arranged afterwards.


If the annual premium (excluding levy) of the chosen Home Insurance is under HKD 800, the amount of Premium Rebate shall be equal to the annual premium.


The Premium Rebate will be credited to Eligible Premium Rebate Recipient’s registered credit card account 3 months after the Home Insurance policy application date, provided that the Fire Insurance and Home Insurance policies are still effective on the payment date of Premium Rebate.


If Eligible Premium Rebate Recipient cancels the Fire Insurance and/or Home Insurance policy(ies) during the first policy year, OneDegree shall deduct the value of Premium Rebate (i.e. up to HKD 1,000) from any premium refund payable. If Eligible Premium Rebate Recipient cancels only one of the two policies, in the case where premium refund payable is less than value of Premium Rebate, OneDegree shall deduct the outstanding amount from the premium refund for the other policy at its cancellation (if applicable).


The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer (Except for system automatic offer).


For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions of Fire Insurance and Home Insurance, please refer to the policy wordings.


OneDegree may terminate this promotion without notice. All matters or disputes in relation to the promotion and the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be subject to the decision of OneDegree, which shall be final and binding.


In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.