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Key features of

Pawfect Care

Enroll pets up to 11 years old
Cats from 13 weeks to 11 years old, with or without microchips, are eligible to apply for a policy. Once enrolled, there’s no age limit on renewal.
First pet insurer in town with no sublimits
It can be frustrating when your policy only lets you claim a small portion of an expensive treatment. That’s why we don’t cap how much you can claim for a specific benefit, as long as it stays within the plan’s annual coverage.
We cover all breeds
All cat breeds are eligible for coverage as we believe all pets should be treated equally, even those that are considered high risk breeds.
We cover chronic illnesses
We provide lifetime coverage of chronic illnesses to cats that enrolled at age 4 or below, including allergies, chronic kidney failure, and cancer.
Cash benefit for cancer
We hope your cat will never need it, but you’ll receive a lump sum* if your furry one does get cancer. That’s in addition to the medical costs we cover, so you can use the cash for any extra care that can help your kitty feel better and get healthier soon.
* It does not apply to Starter Plan.

Our plans

From mild scratches to serious chronic conditions, we cover treatments for unexpected accidents or illnesses. We don’t include any non-health benefits that you don’t necessarily need, which means we can offer lower premiums compared to other pet insurance plans.
Choose from 3 plan options based on you and your pet’s needs! The level of coverage and price is slightly different for each.
Annual Coverage
Reimbursement Rate
Overnight Hospitalization
X-Ray & Ultrasound
Lab Test (Blood, Urine, Fecal test, Biopsy)
Prescribed Medication
Specialist Consultation
General Consultation
Annual Coverage
Additional Cancer Cash Benefit
Reimbursement Rate
Overnight Hospitalization
X-Ray & Ultrasound
Lab Test (Blood, Urine, Fecal test, Biopsy)
Prescribed Medication
Specialist Consultation
General Consultation
Annual Coverage
Additional Cancer Cash Benefit
Reimbursement Rate
Overnight Hospitalization
X-Ray & Ultrasound
Lab Test (Blood, Urine, Fecal test, Biopsy)
Prescribed Medication
Specialist Consultation
General Consultation
Please note there is a waiting period of 28 days from the policy start date for accidents and illness before coverage takes effect. The waiting period is 180 days for hereditary conditions, orthopedic conditions, chronic renal disease and cancer.

What’s not covered?

We would love to keep all our furry friends healthy, but unfortunately none of the pet insurance companies can cover treatments of pre-existing conditions (illnesses or injuries that happen before you purchase a policy or during the waiting period). Our plans also doesn’t cover spaying/neutering costs, alternative treatments, and illnesses preventable by vaccinations. Please see the complete list of exclusions here.
Check out our product brochure for more details.

Why do you need pet insurance?

Vet bills can quickly add up and put an unexpected dent in your budget. Here are some common canine medical conditions to give you an idea of how much treatments generally cost. Pet insurance can help you out with expenses so you don’t have to worry whether you can afford the best care.
cat heart disease costcat heart disease cost
cat Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) costcat Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) cost
cat diabetes costcat diabetes cost
cat cancer costcat cancer cost
cat ringworm costcat ringworm cost
cat kidney disease costcat kidney disease cost
Cat Insurance
Heart Disease
Average cost/visit
HKD 7,300
These numbers may vary based on the actual conditions and the bill breakdown.
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Sample premium for
top breeds in Hong Kong

get pet insurance for mixed breed cats in hong kong
Age 2
Mixed Breed
From HKD 86/month
get pet insurance for British Shorthair in hong kong
Age 4
British Shorthair
From HKD 117/month
get pet insurance for Exotic Shorthair in hong kong
Age 8
Exotic Shorthair
From HKD 154/month
Get a personalized quote for your cat! It’s quick and we don’t hassle you to make a purchase.
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How does it work?

choose a pet insurance plan for your cat on the phone

1. Choose a plan

Select from three options based on you and your pet’s needs. No physical exams required for enrollment.
visit the best vet in hong kong to get the best care for your dogs

2. See a vet

Your pet can visit any registered vet in Hong Kong. Please request a receipt that includes symptom date, diagnosis, fee breakdown, and your pet’s name or microchip number.​
filling a claim with onedegree is easy

3. File a claim

Takes just a few minutes to upload a photo of your receipt and submit a claim. We will handle the rest.
getting paid for pet insurance is easy

4. Get paid

We will review your claim as soon as possible. 90% of verified claims will be paid in 2 working days.

Frequently asked questions

Does my cat need to be microchipped in order to enroll in an insurance plan?
We also accept kitties without microchips! After purchasing a policy through our website, please email us a proof of identity document for your cat within 21 days. The document should have your pet’s name clearly written on it, such as vaccination records, veterinary receipts, medical reports, or a pedigree certificate.
If an identification document isn’t submitted within 21 days of purchase, your kitty’s policy will be automatically cancelled, and the first month’s premium will not be refunded. Read more about our cancellation policy here.
Do I need pet insurance if my kitty is an indoor cat?
As much as we try to make our homes safe and comfortable, we can’t be sure that our curious kitties will never get into an accident or fall sick with an illness. If your main concern is big expenditures such as surgery or hospitalization, Pawfect Care’s Starter plan may work best for you. Monthly premium starts at just HKD 86 for up to HKD 20,000 of reimbursements a year.
What are network clinics and non-network clinics? ​
Policyholders can choose to bring their pets to any registered vet in Hong Kong. If they visit a clinic that is part of OneDegree's vet network, then the max reimbursement is 90% of eligible expenses. If they visit a non-network clinic, the reimbursement rate is up to 70%. We don't pay the clinics, so the quality of medical care and service shouldn't be affected by whether your vet is in our network or not.
Is there any limitation on who can enroll?
If you and your pet meet the below requirements, don't hesitate to take a look into our insurance plans by starting a quotation.
- Your pet has to be either a dog or a cat
- Your pet is at least 13 weeks but less than 12 years old.
- Your pet needs to be a companion pet.
- You have to be a Hong Kong resident with a valid HKID.
- You have to be at least 18 years old.
Can I enroll my pet if he/she has a diagnosed medical condition? ​
Yes. If you (the pet owner) and your pet meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a policy for your furry friend.
However, a specified serious illness that is diagnosed before your policy start date or during waiting periods will be considered a pre-existing condition. That means you won’t be able to claim vet expenses related to that particular condition, but accidents or other health problems that occur after the policy takes effect will be covered. To ensure your pet can get the most comprehensive health protection, we encourage pet owners to insure their pets as early as possible.
Will my premium increase when I renew my pet’s policy?
Premium may be adjusted at policy renewal. We will disclose reasons for such adjustment to You. Factors We will consider for pricing adjustments include:
- Collective claim experience in the preceding years by Hong Kong pet owners
- Your pet’s age and health condition at renewal
- Veterinarian treatments’ price inflation
In rare occasions, We may decide not to renew the policy with you. We will notify You of such decision with at least 30 days in advance via app notifications, email and/or phone messages with clear explanations.
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Why should you choose OneDegree?

purchase insurance with no paperwork

Zero paperwork

Do it all online. Get a quote, buy a policy, and make claims easily from your laptop or mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere.
file a claim is hassle free in onedegree

We don’t make you wait

90% of claims approved will be paid in 2 working days. Other insurers may take weeks, even months to handle claims.
simple in a good way

Simple, in a good way

Our plans are simple and easy to understand, while giving you all the protection you need.

Pawfect Care is underwritten by OneDegree Hong Kong Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority of the Hong Kong SAR.