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Comparing Insurance for Kitties Without Microchips
Pet insuranceComparing Insurance for Kitties Without Microchips
July 30, 2021
Unlike dogs, domestic felines in Hong Kong are not required to be chipped and many cat parents choose not to for various reasons. Good news is, there are now 2 insurers in Hong Kong that accept cats without microchips!
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What is a Pre-Existing Condition?
Pet insuranceWhat is a Pre-Existing Condition?
July 27, 2021
Just like medical insurance for humans, pet insurance policies also have certain items that are not covered, called exclusions. One category of exclusion is called pre-existing conditions. Knowing what this term means can guide you to choose the right protection for your furry friend.
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Compare Pet Insurance in Hong Kong (Part 2)
Pet insuranceCompare Pet Insurance in Hong Kong (Part 2)
July 27, 2021
Shopping for insurance can be overwhelming. Is it worth it? Will your pet’s past illness be covered if it reoccurs? For pet parents looking to buy a policy, we thought we’d try to provide more answers to help you understand and decide on a plan for your furry one!
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Why does your cat love drinking from your cup?
Pet classroomWhy does your cat love drinking from your cup?
July 23, 2021
An uncovered cup of water seems to hold endless temptations for cats. Why do they love drinking from the same cup as you? Does it actually taste better?
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First-time cat parents: What you should know
Pet classroomFirst-time cat parents: What you should know
July 23, 2021
While it’s true that cats generally require less attention and care than dogs, there are still some basics and tips you should know. First-time cat parents, we’ve put together a guide for your kitty’s needs as well as pointers to keep them safe and happy in their new furever home!
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