Pet insurance
Comparing Insurance for Kitties Without Microchips
Pet insuranceComparing Insurance for Kitties Without Microchips
January 14, 2022
Unlike dogs, domestic felines in Hong Kong are not required to be chipped and many cat parents choose not to for various reasons. Good news is, there are now 2 insurers in Hong Kong that accept cats without microchips!
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Compare Pet Insurance in Hong Kong (Part 2)
Pet insuranceCompare Pet Insurance in Hong Kong (Part 2)
January 14, 2022
Shopping for insurance can be overwhelming. Is it worth it? Will your pet’s past illness be covered if it reoccurs? For pet parents looking to buy a policy, we thought we’d try to provide more answers to help you understand and decide on a plan for your furry one!
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Compare Pet Insurance in Hong Kong (Part 1)
Pet insuranceCompare Pet Insurance in Hong Kong (Part 1)
January 14, 2022
Insurance coverage for pets is still a relatively new concept in Asia, but it is growing fast. So how do you choose a plan that best suits your furry friend’s needs and your budget? Let’s take a look at the more well-known pet insurances out there and how OneDegree’s Pawfect Care stacks up.
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Pet Relocation Benefit
Pet insurancePet Relocation Benefit
November 22, 2021
Pawfect Care currently doesn’t provide overseas coverage. However, we offer a one-time Pet Relocation Benefit for pet parents moving abroad with their furry friends. This benefit is applicable to Essential, Plus, or Ultra Plans purchased on or before 31 December 2021.
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Pet fund or pet insurance?
Pet insurancePet fund or pet insurance?
November 27, 2020
When we welcome a new furry member into our families, we’re also making a commitment to give them the healthy and happy lives they deserve. That includes being financially prepared when emergencies happen.
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