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Comparing Insurance for Kitties Without Microchips


When buying pet insurance, you will likely be asked for your furry friend’s microchip number. But what if your kitty does not have a microchip? You’re not alone. Unlike dogs, domestic felines in Hong Kong are not required to be chipped and many cat parents choose not to for various reasons. Good news is, there are now 2 insurers in Hong Kong that accept cats without microchips!

The first is OneDegree Pawfect Care pet insurance. Launched more than a year ago, Pawfect Care became the first pet plan in Hong Kong to accept unchipped cats (dogs must still be chipped to enroll). The second is Blue Cross’s LovePet Insurance and their new LovePet Outpatient plan. Let’s take a look at how the plans compare.

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Pawfect Care    
Blue Cross
Blue Cross
LovePet Outpatient    
Annual Premiums
   (for a 2-year-old   cat as reference)    
HKD 2,148 – 3,435    
HKD 1,803 – 3,317    
HKD 904 (HKD 1,537 for   sharing plan)   
Eligible Cat Breeds    
Enrollment Age    
13 weeks to 11 years   old    
6 months to 8 years old    
13 weeks to 12 years   old    
Renewal Age Limit    
No Limit    
Guaranteed up to 13   years old    
Up to 15 years old    
Reimbursement Rate    
70 – 90%    
60 – 80%    
Limited to HK$500 per   visit per pet    
Medical Benefits    
HKD 25,000 –   70,000 (no sublimits)    
HKD 2,000 – 6000    
HKD 20,000 – 60,000    
Lab Tests    
HKD 3,000 – 4,500    
HKD 2,000 – 8,000    
Cancer Benefit    
HKD 10,000 (lump sum   cash for first-time cancer)    
HKD 5,000 – 15,000   (covers chemotherapy)    
Other Benefits    

Third Party Liability

HKD 1,000,000    
HKD 300,000    
Overseas Coverage    
Relocation Benefit of   HKD 10,000    
Extended coverage up to   90 days    

*For detailed coverage and exclusions, please refer to each plan’s brochure or the companies’ websites.

Alternative ID Verification

For all 3 plans, cat parents can provide other ID verification documents if their pets don’t have a microchip number. For Pawfect Care, you can submit a copy of your kitty’s vaccination record or pedigree certificate, or a medical report or vet receipt, by email within 14 days of enrollment. Blue Cross also accepts vaccinations records or medical reports in lieu of a microchip number. Just be sure the document you submit clearly states your cat’s name.

Medical Coverage

Both Pawfect Care and LovePet will give your beloved kitty comprehensive coverage, including surgery, hospitalization, imaging and lab tests, and vet consultations. For Pawfect Care, you can make an unlimited number of claims up to HKD 70,000 every year and there are no caps on individual benefits, making it easy for pet parents to calculate how much they are likely to be reimbursed. LovePet’s top plan offers HKD 60,000 of medical coverage but sublimits vary for different benefits (e.g. you can only claim up to HKD 6,000 for room and board).

In terms of reimbursement rate, Pawfect Care covers 90% of expenses at a network vet and 70% for expenses incurred at a non-network vet. For LovePet, the reimbursement rate depends on your pet’s age; if your furry friend is 4 years old or younger, you’re entitled to 80% reimbursement. For pets older than 8 years old, the rate goes down to 60%.

LovePet Outpatient plan is different in that it focuses coverage on consultations and medication, which can help cover costs of minor injuries or illnesses that doesn’t require your pet to be hospitalized. It also allows pet parents insure up to 3 furry friends under one policy, so they can share the benefits. However, the claim limit per visit is HKD 500, which isn’t likely to cover your vet bill if your kitty needs an emergency consultation or a blood test. For a peace of mind, you may want to supplement the Outpatient plan with another policy that covers the big expenses, such as surgery and hospitalization.

Let’s say, as an example, a 2-year-old kitty named Snowball is vomiting frequently and appears to be in pain. The vet diagnosed the issue as intestinal blockage after running blood tests and X-ray. Snowball will need surgery and stay at the clinic overnight. This is how much her owner can claim back under each plan:

Type of Vet Procedure & Cost    
Pawfect Care covers    
LovePet Outpatient covers    

Consultation – HKD 400
HKD 360    
HKD 320    
HKD 320    

Tests & Imaging – HKD 5000
HKD 4,500    
HKD 4,000    
HKD 120    
Surgery – HKD 10,000    
HKD 9,000    
HKD 8,000    
1-Night Hospitalization – HKD 800    
HKD 720    
HKD 640    
Medication – HKD 500    
HKD 450    
HKD 400    
Total – HKD 16,700    
HKD 15,030    
HKD 13,360    
HKD 500    

Other Benefits and Features

Third party liability is when a pet causes damage, loss, or harm to another person or their property, and is covered by both LovePet and LovePet Outpatient. The chances, however, for cat parents to use this benefit is very slim as most kitties are kept indoors.

Pawfect Care focuses on medical care for pets, so plans don’t include third party liability coverage. One feature that cat parents may be interested in is the lifetime coverage of chronic illnesses for pets enrolling before age 5. Even if your kitty develops an illness such as chronic kidney disease or catches an incurable infection such as Feline Leukemia Virus, those conditions will continue to be covered in subsequent years if your policy is renewed.

No matter which plan you choose, it’s wise to enroll your kitty as early as possible to ensure maximum coverage. If your feline develops an illness before they are covered, it may be considered a pre-existing condition and excluded from coverage later. If you have any questions about Pawfect Care, or about pet insurance in general, feel free to ask us: 2886 9892(call / Whatsapp)

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