Critical Illness Insurance
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Critical Illness Insurance

Are there any age limitations for the application and renewal of InfiniCare?

Initial application age for all 3 plans of InfiniCare are consistent, while the maximum renewal age varies according to the policy’s plan. Core Plan or Boost Plan Initial Application Age: 18 - 65 Maximum Renewal Age: 85 Infinity Plan Initial Application Age: 18 - 65 Maximum Renewal Age: 65 If you have purchased a policy, please refer to the Policy Schedule for details. 

Is there any limitation for the Sum Assured of InfiniCare policy?

The maximum Sum Assured varies according to policy’s initial application age and plan level: Core or Boost Plan Age 18 - 45: 3,000,000 Age 46 - 55: 2,000,000 Age 56 - 60: 1,000,000 Age 61 - 65: 500,000 Infinity Plan Age 18 - 45: 1,000,000 Age 46 - 55: 1,000,000 Age 56 - 60: 500,000 Age 61 - 65: 500,000

What are the options of receiving the benefit?

We will deposit payable benefit to the Policyholder’s bank account provided on the claim application form.

How would the claim be handled if the Policyholder passed away after a claim has been submitted?

If the Policyholder is the Insured Person and passes away during the claim assessment, the benefit will go to the Policyholder’s estate after the claims has been approved. If the Policyholder is not the Insured Person, and the Policyholder passes away during the claim assessment, the Insured Person will benefit after the claim has been approved, and vice versa.

Can my family member or friend pay for my premium with their credit card?

The premium can be paid by the Policyholder or Insured Person. The credit card owner may provide the credit card details during the application for authorizing the payment collection.

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