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What is a pre-existing condition in Pet CEO Plan®?

We do not cover treatment related to the following pre-existing Medical Conditions and induced Medical Conditions arising from such pre-existing Medical Conditions for which Your Pet has developed symptoms or received a Diagnosis, medication, advice, or treatment before the end of the Waiting Period. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ • Allergies • Arthritis (non-septic) • Asthma or chronic lower respiratory tract diseases • Cancer (malignant) • Cardiovascular diseases • Chronic eye diseases • Chronic gastroenteropathy • Chronic hepatobiliary system diseases • Chronic pancreatic diseases • Chronic renal diseases • Endocrine diseases • Infectious diseases including Aujeszky’s disease, feline AIDS, FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), FeLV (feline leukaemia virus) • Inflammatory bowel disease • Joint dysplasia • Neoplasia (benign) • Osteochondral diseases • Neurological diseases • Stones in urinary systems • Urinary blockage

Do you cover treatment for cancer?

We don't cover chemotherapy or immunotherapy under reimbursement benefits, but we provide a HKD 10,000 lump sum payment under our Essential, Plus and Ultra plan options if your pet unfortunately has cancer. You're free to spend this amount on whatever you think is best for your furry one, including chemo, herbal medicine, rehabilitation, or special diets. This benefit can only be claimed once during a pet's lifetime. In addition to the cancer cash benefit, you can still claim expenses for surgery, hospitalization, and other items that are covered in your plan.   For pets enrolled into Pet CEO Plan® before they turn 5 years old, cancer and other chronic illnesses are covered as long as their policies are effective. (*If your pet develops symptoms associated with a chronic illness before the end of the waiting period, the chronic illness will be considered a pre-existing condition and will not be covered.)   Pets enrolling at age 5 or older will only have cancer and chronic illnesses coverage for the first year the illness occurs. 

Can I file a pet's claim instantly after policy start date?

To make sure all pets obtain fair protection, most insurers setup a waiting period.   Pet CEO Plan® also does this to prevent pet owners from buying policies after their pets get sick or injured and making claims for existing conditions. There is a 28-day waiting period from the Policy Start Date before you can start making claims. For policies that are effective on or before 12 Jan 2022, a 180-day waiting period will be posed for cancer, orthopedic conditions, chronic renal disease and hereditary conditions;   For policies that are effective from 29 May 2024 and onwards, only cancer and supplementary Critical illness cash benefits (if applicable) will be imposed a 180-day waiting period.

Why is the reimbursement rate for network clinics different from the rate for non-network clinics in Pet CEO Plan®?

You see this a lot in human medical insurance too - the share of expenses your insurance company pays is often different depending if your doctor is in-network or out-of-network.   For OneDegree, we have kept a list of veterinary clinics in our network, because from what we have heard, these clinics have a good reputation and charge a reasonable price. Please be assured that these clinics work individually and share no business profit or fee with OneDegree. Meanwhile, we would update our network from time to time based on policyholders’ feedback. If you have any unpleasant experience with the veterinary clinics, you may consider filing a complaint to relevant organizations. You may copy your complaint to us at – your feedback is valuable as it will allow us to accurately evaluate the service standard of our network.   ** OneDegree cannot adjust any associated costs or services provided by clinics in our network and would not provide any recommendation for any veterinarian or its service.

Can I purchase a policy for my cat that has no microchip?

Yes. Cats that are aged from 13 weeks to 11 years old can be enrolled in Pet CEO Plan® whether being microchipped or not.   Please be aware that the pet’s name shown on the medical receipt uploaded for any claim applications must be consistent with the insured pet’s name on the policy so that the claim assessment will be not affected.

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