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Can I file a claim instantly after policy start date?

To make sure all pets obtain fair protection, most insurers setup waiting period. Pawfect Care also does this to prevent pet owners from buying policies after their pets get sick or injured and making claims for existing conditions. There is a 28-day waiting period from the Policy Start Date before you can start making claims. For cancer, orthopedic conditions, chronic renal disease and hereditary conditions, the waiting period is 180 days.

Can I enroll my pet if he/she has a diagnosed medical condition?

Any pet that meets the eligibility requirements can apply for a policy. However, an illness or a condition that is diagnosed before your policy start date or during waiting periods, which also listed on our policy wordings that belongs to pre-existing conditions, that means you won’t be able to claim vet expenses related to that condition, but accidents or other health problems that occur after the policy takes effect will be covered. To ensure your pet can get the most comprehensive health protection, we encourage pet owners to insure their pets as early as possible.

Any limitation for pets to enroll with Pawfect Care?

Pets from 13 weeks to 11 years old of any breed are eligible to apply for a policy but be aware that dogs are required to be microchipped. For cats, you may provide another form of identification such as vaccination record, veterinary receipt, medical report, or pedigree certificate instead, that has your cat’s name on it.

What are network clinics and non-network clinics?

You see this a lot in human medical insurance too, PawFect Care Policyholders can choose to bring their pets to any registered vet that is part of OneDegree's vet network, then the max reimbursement is 90% of eligible expenses. If they visit a non-network clinic, the reimbursement rate is up to 70%. Check out our vet network.

Can my pet's microchip be added after purchase?

Sure! You can send a document indicating the pet's name and microchip number to within 14 days after enrolment. Remember to email your insurance policy number or registered email address with the doc. If your kitten does not have a microchip, please email one of the following documents with your cat’s insured name on it. Documents: vaccination record, vet receipt, medical report or pedigree certificate. Note that if there is no valid document submitted, the policy will be cancelled automatically after the deadline.

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