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Can I change Pawfect Care policy plan any time after enrolment?

Last updated on: August 10, 2022
Once the Pawfect Care insurance application is confirmed with submission, the policy plan cannot be adjusted in the middle of policy period. Meanwhile, you can feel free to make change of the plan within 30 days before policy renewal. Please be aware, any plan adjustment may affect policy coverage or else may even require re-underwriting.


The current restrictions on policy plan upgrade, are as the follows:


1. The maximum pet age for plan upgrade as 11 years old or below;
2. Extended policy coverage upon plan upgrade will only be effective after passing through relating waiting period;
3. If the insured pet diagnosed with the in-list “pre-existing condition”* before policy upgrade; the coverage retains under the original plan even after upgrade;
4. If the insured pet is aged 5 or above by time of plan upgrade, the newly diagnosed chronic illnesses# will enjoy the upgraded plan coverage. Whilst, the coverage of those diagnosed chronic illnesses will revert to the original plan by renewals thereafter


No re-underwriting is required to undergo for plan downgrading by policy renewal. Meanwhile, if policy holder decides to upgrade the plan again in future; re-underwriting is required and waiting period will also be passing over again.


Pawfect Care insurance aims to provide relevant health guard protection and to share financial burden with the owners in taking good care of their furry friends in long run. For this reason, we sincerely recommend the owners to clearly consider the most suitable medical plan for making enrolment decision.


To learn more about the precautions of policy plan change decision, please refer to What are the precautions I should consider with when making plan change decision for Pawfect Care Insurance?


* For more details about “Pre-existing condition”, please visit: https://www.onedegree.hk/en-us/faq/article/what-is-a-pre-existing-condition


# For more details about chronic illnesses, please visit: https://www.onedegree.hk/en-us/faq/article/what-is-considered-a-chronic-illness-and-is-it-covered

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