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How is the insured age of a pet calculated? Will the insured pet's age affect the reimbursement rate of the policy?

Last updated on: April 20, 2023
Cats and dogs between 13 weeks and 11 years old are eligible for enrollment in Pawfect Care. Once enrolled, there is no age limit on renewal (Note 1). Pet owners can choose to renew the policy for the lifetime of their pets.


How to select your pet's insured age: Please select the exact year of age for your pet (round down the age to the nearest integer). For example, if the pet is 1 year and 10 months old, please select 1 year; if it is less than 1 year, please select between 13 weeks and 11 months old, and so on. The policy will be based on the pet owner's declaration of the pet's age at the time of enrollment, and automatically add one year at the renewal date for the subsequent policy year.


Please note that the reimbursement rate specified according to the pet's insured age will apply to the entire policy year (i.e., the coverage period and respective reimbursement rate listed in the policy schedule). It will not be adjusted halfway throughout the policy year.


For insured pets that are 1 year old or above at the time of policy issuance, the pet owners can bring them to our network vet clinics, and the reimbursement rate for eligible medical expenses is 90%. The reimbursement rate for visiting other non-network vet clinics is 70%. Please visit this website to check the latest list of our network vet clinics:


For insured pets between 13 weeks and 11 months old at the time of policy issuance (applicable to Pawfect Care policies purchased on or after 1 December 2022), the reimbursement rate for the entire policy year is 50%, and this reimbursement rate applies to all registered vets in Hong Kong.


The insured age of the pet will affect the effectiveness of the policy and the reimbursement rate applicable to the policy year. Therefore, pet owners should carefully confirm important information such as the age and breed of the pet before policy purchase. If you have any questions about the age, breed, or gender of your pet, you may consider consulting a veterinarian. You can also refer to the following related frequently asked questions: I am not sure the age of my pet, is there anything I can refer to?  and  I am not sure the breed of pet, is there any reference?



Note 1: OneDegree reserves the right of underwriting for all insurance applications.

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