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Why is the reimbursement rate for network clinics different from the rate for non-network clinics in Pet CEO Plan®?

Last updated on: May 31, 2024
You see this a lot in human medical insurance too - the share of expenses your insurance company pays is often different depending if your doctor is in-network or out-of-network.


For OneDegree, we have kept a list of veterinary clinics in our network, because from what we have heard, these clinics have a good reputation and charge a reasonable price. Please be assured that these clinics work individually and share no business profit or fee with OneDegree. Meanwhile, we would update our network from time to time based on policyholders’ feedback. If you have any unpleasant experience with the veterinary clinics, you may consider filing a complaint to relevant organizations. You may copy your complaint to us at – your feedback is valuable as it will allow us to accurately evaluate the service standard of our network.


** OneDegree cannot adjust any associated costs or services provided by clinics in our network and would not provide any recommendation for any veterinarian or its service.

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