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Why does OneDegree do not mandatorily require a doggie’s microchip number? How do you ensure the insured doggie’s identity?

Last updated on: June 24, 2022
Based on utmost good faith, policyholders are required to ensure all provided details are accurate; precise; and substantially certain for submission. If, in case, there is any necessity for Claims Team’s assessment procedures, we will request policyholders to provide relevant identity document; dog license, medical report and/or medical history, etc, to verify the insured pet’s identity.

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By listening to our customers’ feedback and aiming to smoothen the enrolment procedures, we have implemented a new arrangement that submission of identity document/microchip numbers for insured doggies is not mandatory. Policy will also not be ceased without providing valid identity documentation. 
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To allow a smooth claim assessment procedure, please always ensure the pet name displayed on each vet clinic receipt matches with the insured pet name of the policy.

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You may visit for Vet Clinic Receipt Sample as reference and understood more about the Claim application procedure.
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