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Will my premium increase when I renew my pet’s policy?

Last updated on: May 30, 2024
It's possible that the premium may be adjusted or remain unchanged* when it's time to renew your policy. Factors we consider for pricing adjustments including but not limited to: 


- Collective claim experience in the preceding years by Hong Kong pet owners 
- Your pet’s age at renewal# 
- Average increase of the veterinary surgeon charges  
As the exact renewal premium will be calculated based on the factors stated above, we therefore cannot provide preview on renewal premium beforehand. Please rest assured that if there’s any adjustment, we will indicate the renewal premium 30 days before the policy renewal. If you prefer not to renew the policy, you may stop the auto-renewal function of the policy through our online system upon receiving the renewal notice. If you do not stop such function, the policy will be automatically renewed so that your pet’s protection will not be disrupted. 
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*Premium discount offered by Promo code is only applicable to the first year of a policy. The renewal premium will be calculated based by the original price according to the pet’s age. 
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#Pet CEO Plan® premiums will be adjusted based on the age of the insured. 
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The premium trend is for reference only, no upper age limit for renewal. The exact renewal premium indicated in the Renewal Notice shall prevail. OneDegree reserves the right of final decision.
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