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What documents do I need to submit when I file a claim against household property damages/ school closure compensation/ accident at home?

Last updated on: November 3, 2022
You will need to provide: 
1. Completed Claim Form 
2. Copy of policyholder’s HKID card  
3. Copy of policyholder’s ATM card or bank statement 
4. Colour photos showing the scene of accident and damaged properties 
5. Purchase / replacement receipts  
6. Quotations from contractors 
7. Police report / incident report provided by authorities 
8. Building management office's incident report 
9. (For claims involving accident at home) Copy of hospital’s receipt and hospital discharge summary  
10. (For claims involving school closure compensation) Copy of school buses, meal and extra-curricular activities’ receipts  
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For details, please refer to the list of documents stated on the claim form. 


Household property damages claim form: (Download)
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