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How to cancel a fire insurance policy and how to calculate the refundable premium?

Last updated on: May 2, 2023
Fire insurance policyholders can notify us in writing by email to cancel the policy, and the cancellation date of the policy will be based on the actual date we receive the aforementioned written request.


We will calculate the refundable premium based on the table below; if the calculated refundable premium results in us charging less than HKD400, we will charge a minimum premium of HKD400 and only refund the portion exceeding HKD400.


Period Covered (not exceeding)       Premium Refund
1 month                                                      90%
2 months                                                     80%
3 months                                                     70%
4 months                                                     60%
5 months                                                     50%
6 months                                                     40%
7 months                                                     30%
8 months                                                     20%
9 months                                                     15%
10 months                                                   10%
11 months                                                     5%
Over 11 months                                            0%

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