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Do you cover treatment for cancer?

Last updated on: August 2, 2021
We don't cover chemotherapy or immunotherapy under reimbursement benefits, but we provide a HKD 10,000 lump sum payment under our Essential, Plus and Ultra plan options if your pet unfortunately has cancer. You're free to spend this amount on whatever you think is best for your furry one, including chemo, herbal medicine, rehabilitation, or special diets. This benefit can only be claimed once during a pet's lifetime.
In addition to the cancer cash benefit, you can still claim expenses for surgery, hospitalization, and other items that are covered in your plan. For pets enrolled into Pawfect Care before they turn 5 years old, cancer and other chronic illnesses are covered as long as their policies are effective. Pets enrolling at age 5 or older will only have cancer and chronic illnesses coverage for the first year the illness occurs.
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