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Do I need to notify my mortgage bank after purchasing a OneDegree Fire Insurance policy?

Last updated on: March 18, 2024
If you wish to transfer your existing fire insurance policy (issued by another insurance company) to  OneDegree for your fire insurance protection: 
For the application of a new fire insurance policy with OneDegree, we will notify your mortgage bank and submit the new policy documents. 
Please note that we are unable to represent you in making inquiries or cancellations of your existing fire insurance policy with the mortgage bank or other insurance company. If you wish to cancel the renewal of your existing fire insurance policy or apply for a premium refund, you will need to follow up with the relevant parties directly. 
Regarding our current list of banks/companies that accept mortgage customers for OneDegree fire insurance, please refer to the information below: 

Do all banks in Hong Kong accept OneDegree Fire Insurance? 

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