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Can I cancel my pet policy?

Last updated on: May 31, 2024
Yes. You can cancel your Pet CEO Plan® policy as long as no claims have been paid during the current policy period.

If a policy is canceled before the end of the 7th day from the policy start date, we will refund in full:
For example, for a plan bought on 1 June, you can get the full amount back if it is canceled before the end of 7 June.

For cancellations after the 7th day from the policy start date:
If you have chosen the annual billing option, we will refund the unused premium net of a 10% cancellation fee. The unused premium is calculated on a pro-rata monthly basis. A partial month is considered a full month in determining your refund amount.
For example, if you paid HKD 1,200 at the beginning on 1 January, and you chose to cancel this policy on 1 February, the unused premium is equal to 10 months of premium counting from March, which is HKD 1,000. The cancellation charge is 10% of the annual premium which is HKD 120. You will then get a cancellation refund of HKD 1,000 - HKD 120 = HKD 880.
If you have chosen the monthly billing option, there will be no premium refund or cancellation charges.
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