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Adorable valentine’s day gifts for your pooch


“Love and affection are the greatest gifts of all”, said every dog pawrent ever. We heard that, and we get it — yes, without a doubt, what every pup craves is the love and affection from their hooman; but that doesn’t mean they don’t love them some great gifts! Show your pup just how much you love and care about them this Valentine’s Day by getting them gifts on top of showering them with your love! Check out what you can get your pooch in this season of love in addition to giving them pats, playtime, treats, and kisses! 

Heart Rope Toy 

A perfect toy choice for your pup on Valentine’s Day — offer your heart to your pup, and watch your pooch play their heart out! 

Customized Nap Mat 

Give your furkid a nap mat of their own with their name on it! 

Squeaky Toys 

Most of the dogs find squeaky toys irresistible — one squeaky toy can already drive them crazy! Make their day by giving them a box of squeaky toys in a go! 

Dog Bandanas 

Believe it or not, dogs love new accessories just like humans. Dress your pup up with new blings this Valentine’s Day and let them show it off while taking a walk around the block! 

OneDegree Pawfect Care   

Give them life-long protection from illnesses and injuries, love your furbabies right by truly understanding their needs. OneDegree’s Pawfect Care. Pawfect Care offers up to an annual coverage of HKD 70, 000 and is applicable to all licensed veterinary clinics in Hong Kong. Cats and dogs of every breed are covered! Click here to learn more.  

It is fun for both hoomans and pooch to give and receive Valentine’s Day gifts, but pawrents must bear in mind that safety always comes first! While picking the gift, give the below a thought: 

Size Matters 

Be sure the size of the gift or treat matches the size of your dog’s mouth and chew strength.   

Avoid the No-No’s 

Chocolate, lilies, xylitol (a sweetener), festive wrappings like ribbons and bows, balloons, and medication are all common reasons pet owners call the veterinary ER on or around Valentine’s Day. 

Supervision Is a Safety Must 

Whether you and your pooch have kept company for many years or just met, supervise your dog around any new toy or treat on Valentine’s Day. 

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