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To wear, or not to wear, that is the million-dollar question


One thing all pet owners can agree on is, animals are all cinnamon rolls too good for this world, too pure. We tend to smother our furbabies with all the love and care we have to give, and one of the traits being making them wear clothes in winter in case they catch a cold. All pawrents want the best for their furry buddy, but is giving them clothes really necessary in winter?

Like all questions in the world, there is no definitive answer to this controversial subject; so here are some pointers for you to decide whether or not your beloved children need something extra for the cold season ahead!

1. Your pet’s size

Small dogs have a harder time retaining body heat, as well as short haired breed or a breed that is originally from a warm climate. If your pet fit the above description, they might need winter clothing when heading out for an extended period of time.

2. The amount of hair

Pets do not need additional clothing during the winter if they have a large amount of hair, like Pomeranian, Chow Chow, Husky, and Great Pyrenees. Their hair alone can retain the heat necessary to keep them warm!

3. Outside Temperature and Length of Time

These should also be considered when deciding whether or not your pet needs to wear a coat. Dogs in temperatures greater than 7°C typically do not need protective clothing. If your pet will only be outside for 10 minutes or less, they typically do not need any clothing except in extremely cold climates.

It is also important to remember that coats and sweaters should only be worn if needed when they are outside in very cold weather. They shouldn’t be wearing these clothing items in the house as they can overheat easily, and they are prone to chafing and irritation of the skin. It is always good to consult your veterinarian if you are in doubt as well! 

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