Kid- and pet-friendly hikes in Hong Kong

September 14, 2021

Ah, autumn! Not only do we have more public holidays in the cooler months, the crisp weather also means hiking season has arrived. No doubt hiking has become more popular this year as people turn to outdoor activities amid the pandemic. We’re lucky in Hong Kong to have such an extensive network of beautiful trails, and many of them are family-friendly, furry family members included! Here are some of our recommendations if you’re looking to enjoy a bit of nature with your little ones and pets.

*Most public transportation in Hong Kong currently do not allow pets, so the public transit directions are just for your reference.

Tai Po/Fanling Luk Keng < > Kuk Po

Located at the end of Bride’s Pool Road in Tai Mei Tuk, this trail is actually closer to Fanling than to Tai Po. Start your walk near the BB Happy Store café and follow the Tiu Tang Lung Path to Kuk Po public pier. The total distance, there and back, is around 7km, and 90% of the trail is paved and flat. Along the way, the trail opens up to unobstructed views of the Sha Tau Kok harbor and you can actually see Shenzhen’s Yantian district on the other side. All in all, an easy stroll with rewarding scenery!

TimeWithin 2 hours
What you should knowFrom Kuk Po public pier, you can continue on to Lai Chi Wo. However, the trail becomes more rugged, so it’s best to not bring pets if you plan on walking farther.
Tiu Tang Lung Path can be very busy on weekends and holidays. Also, the villages in Kuk Po have dogs and you may see a few cows along the way. If you have your dog in tow, be cautious to avoid accidents.
How to get thereThe 56K minibus from Fanling will take you to BB Happy Store
Uber and taxi are probably your best bet on the weekends, as there is limited parking in the area.

Tai Po Tai Mei Tuk <>Plover Cove Reservoir Sub Dam

Aside from being a BBQ hotspot, Tai Mei Tuk also makes for a great day out with your furry buddy. Start your walk from the bus terminal, passing by the main dam of the Plover Cove Reservoir to reach the sub dam. The total distance is around 10km, there and back. If you visit on the weekends, you’re likely to see a lot of people flying kites along the main dam. Your curious doggo will love it!

TimeWithin 2.5 hours
What you should knowCyclists are not allowed on the trail beyond the main dam, so the latter section will be safer for pets.
It can be quite crowded with people and bikes around the main dam. Pay extra attention to your dog if it is busy to avoid any accidents.
This trail is pretty exposed, so make sure to bring sun protection and an adequate supply of water.
How to get thereBus 75K (daily) and 275R (Sunday and holidays only) departing from Tai Po Market MTR station.
Minibus 20C (daily) departing from Tai Po Market MTR station.

Yuen Long Ho Pui Village <>Ho Pui Reservoir

It may not have sweeping sea views like some other hikes, but this trail makes for an easy and peaceful walk. Follow the path starting from the village office and make your way to the Ho Pui Reservoir. It is around 10km to and back, including a loop around the small man-made lake. Take your doggo here if you’re looking for a quiet spot to get your steps in.

TimeWithin 3 hours
What you should knowThere are a few crossroads once you get to the reservoir. Keep a close eye on your dog so they don’t wander down a different path.
How to get thereMinibus 71 departing from Tai Hang St. in Yuen Long

Tseung Kwan O Tai Hang Tun <>Lung Ha Wan

This coastal trail has some uphill parts, but it is well paved and not overly difficult. A bit of physical exertion is well worth it for the amazing panoramic views once you reach Lung Ha Wan! You can enjoy the scenery here for a while before making your way back to Tai Hang Tun, a total distance of 5km.

TimeWithin 2.5 hours
What you should know This trail is pretty exposed, so make sure to bring sun protection and an adequate supply of water.
How to get thereBus 91 from Diamond Hill MTR station, minibus 103M from Tsueng Wan O MRT, minibus 15 from Po Lam MRT. Get off at the Tai Au Mun roundabout.

Tsing Yi Cheung Wang Estate <>Tsing Yi Nature Trail

A short hike under 5km, this trail is a good starting point for younger pups or doggos that aren’t suited to long walks. The highlight of this hike is definitely the stunning views of the iconic Tsing Ma Bridge. Bring your little ones and pets along to enjoy the scenery!

TimeWithin 1.5 hours
What you should knowThe trail is short but there are some stairs to climb.
How to get thereBus 248M departing from Tsing Yi MRT station and get off at the last stop.

Exercise is good for all ages, pets and their humans alike! Is your doggo ready to join you for your next hike? Before you go, be sure to read our guide on hiking with pets, which includes tips on how to keep your dog safe on the trails. Read it here.

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