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Love in the Time of Lockdown


When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, we all aim to make the day extra-special for our loved ones — thoughtful gifts and a lavish dinner at a fancy restaurant to end the day. However, in the midst of a global pandemic, it seems that it is the time to come up with a Plan B to celebrate the season of love this year. 

This year, instead of the traditional romantic dinner and exchange of homemade Valentine’s Day gifts, how about doing something a little more creative and one-of-a-kind to show your S.O. how much they really mean to you? No matter if you’re an active, outdoorsy type who likes to get your blood pumping together or more of an indoor kid who prefers to keep it cozy and chill with your sweetie we have various budget-friendly options for you, proving that a great date doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed 

Who said the most important meal on Valentine’s Day has to be dinner? Start the day off right by serving up a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast, then enjoying it together while lounging in bed while still in your pjs. Don’t forget the champagne! 

Exchange Love Letters 

Cat got your tongue when it comes to confessing your feelings face-to-face? Make Valentine’s Day even more special by putting into words why your partner means so much to you. Get really specific and super personal, for a letter that will become a keepsake. 

Plan a Movie Marathon 

Does netflix and chill play a big part in your relationship? For some quality relaxation time with your S.O., get cozy on the couch and marathon watch all your favorite rom-coms. It’s the perfect way to set the mood for some Valentine’s night romance. 

Have an Indoor Picnic 

Unleash your inner child and creativity by holding an indoor picnic! The pandemic outside doesn’t have to stop you from planning the most romantic date of all — a picnic inside your place. Break out a checkered tablecloth and your best Valentine’s Day recipes for a sweet indoor picnic date your sweetheart won’t forget. 

Stretch It Out at Yoga 

A healthy relationship requires a connection beyond the physical level. Enjoy some relaxing time together by stretching it out and centering your mind. For those who want to get the good vibes going, couples’ yoga can help you feel even more connected with each other. Try a yoga video at home if you don’t have a studio you like. 

Get Your Loved Ones the Protection They Deserve 

What kind of promises are tangible apart from a ring? A comprehensive protection that will accompany your loved one for a lifetime! OneDegree’s Critical Illness Insurance offers comprehensive protection with a premium as low as HKD 31 /month. This might just be the most thoughtful Vday gift ever! Click here to learn more.  

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