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Don’t Let Work Deter You from Staying Active!

January 22, 2022

With the omicron virus still on a rampant, what can we do to stop 2022 becoming 2020-too? Even though it is impossible to uproot the virus by ourselves, we however, have the power to strengthen our immune system and our physical health. No matter where you might physically be, there are ways to do simple exercises to help yourself stay active — for those unfortunate souls who have to head back to the office, or the lucky ones who gets to work from home, here are a few simple workouts from Snacknation for you to try at your desk!

Before we get to it, here are some motivations for you to keep moving:

Too much sitting can be blamed for health ailments such as weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions; one slightly alarming study even claimed that people who sit all day have a 40% increased risk of dying!

Arm Pulses

Stand up at your desk with arms by your sides and palms facing behind.

Pulse the arms backward for 20 seconds, keeping arms as long and straight as possible.

These work your triceps and help stretch out your shoulders!

Desk Push-Ups

Before you start: make sure your desk is sturdy enough to support your body weight!

Take a few steps back and place your hands flat on your desk, a little wider than shoulder-width.

Lower yourself down toward your desk, keeping your core tight.

Then push back up until arms are straight but not locked. Try to do 20 reps.

Chair Squats

Stand up from your chair, lower your body back down, stopping right before you sit back down. (Keep your weight in your heels to work those glutes). Then stand back up again.

Repeat 10 times in between meetings, on a call, or rolling your eyes at an email!

Calf Raises

Stand up behind your chair and hold on for support.

Raise your heels off the floor until you are standing on your toes.

Slowly lower yourself back to the floor.

Do 3 sets of 10.

The above exercises are subtle but effective. No excuses for yourself in the coming year, aim to be the best version of yourself, and make sure 2023 is spelled with a t-w-o instead of t-o-o!

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