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When should you buy pet insurance?

August 6, 2020

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It’s hard to imagine anything bad happening to our four-legged friends when they’re young and healthy. Health insurance can wait, right? Well, on the contrary, the best time to buy insurance is actually when your pet seems like he or she would least need it.

While it’s true that older pets are more susceptible to serious illnesses that are costly to treat, kittens and puppies also have their fair share of health issues. Without insurance, you could be paying hefty vet bills out of your own pocket in addition to buying litter boxes, toys, vaccinations and all the other expenses that come with welcoming a young furry friend to your home.

For one, young pets may be more prone to accidents. The world is new to them and full of curious sounds and smells. But that means your furry one may fall from a high shelf or accidentally swallow a plastic toy in the process of learning how to navigate his or her environment safely.

The immune system of kittens and puppies also don’t fully mature until they are at least one year of age, making them vulnerable to catching infections and diseases that an adult animal would be able to fend off more successfully.

Another reason to enrol your pet in an insurance plan early is that it’s cheaper! Premiums will be more expensive for older pets and coverage may be limited. Most insurance policies exclude pre-existing conditions and the chances for your furry one to develop health issues increase as he or she ages.

Unlike many other pet insurers out there, Pawfect Care covers chronic illnesses for pets enrolling before they are 5 years old. This is hugely attractive for pet parents because chronic health issues such as heart or kidney diseases are common for older pets and they can be very expensive to treat. Other pet insurance companies may only cover a chronic illness for the first year it develops. Unfortunately, it’s often the case the illness will be excluded as a pre-existing condition in subsequent years, even if you switch to another plan.

If your pet is not yet insured or if you’re shopping for another plan, check out our plans today!

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