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9 Pet-Friendly Transportation Options in Hong Kong

September 14, 2021

Getting around the city with your furry friends is not easy if you don’t own a car. In Hong Kong, pets aren’t allowed on the MTR or on buses – with the exception of guide dogs – and breach of this rule can result in a fine of up to HKD 5,000. While our pets don’t go out as much as we do, there are still times when they need a ride, such as an emergency trip to the vet or a visit to a pet park in another neighborhood. We’ve compiled a handy list of pet-friendly transportation below. Read on for more details!

ProviderNumber of Pets Allowed & Extra Charges24-hour service?
99VIPNo extra chargeReserve in advance
Golden Pet Pet ExpressNo extra chargeYes
Uber PetHKD 20 (limited to one pet; contact driver if you need to travel with more than one pet)Yes
TaxiExtra HKD 5 per animalYes
Total VanNo extra chargeYes
GOGOX (GOGOVAN)HKD 10 (no limit on number of pets)Yes
LalamoveHKD 10 (limited to 5 pets; if more than 5, contact Lalamove for options)Yes
Power-King Transportation (勁達)No extra chargeYes
CALL 4 VANHKD 10 (no limit on number of pets)Yes

Specialized Pet Services


99VIP is a one-stop shop for pet services including transportation, boarding, grooming, and animal communication. For their door-to-door transport service, the minimum fare is HKD 130 per ride (HKD 160 for Hong Kong Island). 

Website: www.facebook.com/99Vans/
Contact: 6056 7758 (Whatsapp)

Golden Pet Pet Express

This pet transport service under Golden Pet Pet Shop boasts a team of drivers certified in animal first aid and trained to handle emergencies. They don’t impose extra charges for transporting sick or injured pets.

Website: www.facebook.com/goldenpetpet/
Contact: 6992 5221 (Whatsapp) 

Uber Pet

The launch of Uber Pet in Hong Kong last year was much welcomed news for pet parents. Fares are the same as UberX with an additional HKD 20 fee (except guide dogs and other working dogs). Every ride is limited to only one pet.

Website: www.uber.com/zh-HK/blog/pet-hk-rider/
Contact: Uber’s website or Facebook page

Delivery Vans

The delivery services listed above can also transport pets. Total Van and Power-King don’t charge extra for carrying furry friends, while others tack on a small fee on top of the regular fare. Some providers have limits on the number of pets allowed per ride and there may be cleaning surcharge if your pet vomits or has an “accident” in the vehicle.


Before specialized pet transportation came along, taxi was the only option for many pet parents. It is the cheapest option on the list (taxi fare + HKD 5 per animal), but taxi drivers can refuse to carry pets if they wish. It’s worth trying out other more pet-friendly options and find one that works best for you.


Unlike MTR and buses, there are no explicit rules prohibiting pets on minibuses. It’s up to the minibus company or driver whether you can travel with your furry companion.

Other Ways to Get Around with Your Pet

99bus Hong Kong Pet Bus

Founded in 2012, 99bus now has 30 stops across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories, transporting furry friends to pet-friendly destinations. To take part in a 99bus trip, pet parents can first purchase tickets online, then board the bus at their designated stop. It’s also a great way for your pet to make new friends, and for you to meet other pet parents too!  

Website: www.facebook.com/99bus/

Sun Ferry

The Sun Ferry is probably the only public transport in Hong Kong that welcomes pets. It currently operates the following 5 routes:

North Point <> Hung Hom
North Point <>Kowloon City
Central <>Cheung Chau
Central <>Mui Wo
Inter-Island Ferry: Stops at Peng Chau, Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan, and Cheung Chau

Service Platform – PetBacker

PetBacker is an app that enables pet parents to connect with providers of all kinds of pet services, including pet sitting, boarding, grooming, and transportation. It’s not that widely used in Hong Kong at the moment, and like other similar platforms, the quality of service varies.


Be a Responsible Pet Parent!

It’s the responsibility of pet parents to keep an eye on their furry ones while in transit and work with drivers to ensure a smooth journey for everyone.

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