24-Hour animal hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong

November 25, 2022

When we feel sick, we generally know what we can do to treat the symptoms or at least communicate it to our family members or medical professionals. But for furry friends, they cannot tell us in words when they are unwell. By the time we notice something’s not right with our pets, it may already be quite serious. To be prepared for any scenario, pet owners can start by getting to know the vet clinics nearby that can offer emergency care around the clock.

New Territories

Clinic Name    
Phone Number   
Tai Wai    
75 Chik Shun Street   
Near Mei Lam Estate   
Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic Hospital    
2678 1030   
Tai Wai    
G/F, 5-7 Shing Ho Road   
Near Mei Lam Estate   
Caring Animal Clinic & NTUAMC
2688 0840 (for appointments)
6375 5441 (emergency hotline)   
Tai Po
6 Sui On St, Tai Po
Near Tai Wo Station
Pet Cares Professional Veterinary Services
2638 2869
Yuen Long   
Shop 11, G/F, Hing Fook Building Phase 2, 8 Man   Hop Path   
Across from Yuen Long Plaza    
Victoria 24hr Veterinary Hospital   
2477 8929   
Yuen Long   
Shop 1, G/F, Crystal Park, 50 Ma Tin   Road    
Near Yuen Long Sport Center   
WeHUG Animal Medical Centre   
3708 8770   
Yuen Long
G/F, Shop 19, Kin Fai Building, 69 Fung Cheung Road
Near Mini Bus Station
The AIM Animal Clinic - Pet Space Group
2470 6683 (24hr for every Tue)
Sai Kung   
Shop 8, 66 Yi Chung Street   
Near Sai Kung Market   
Pets Central   
2792 0833   


Clinic Name   
Phone Number   
Prince Edward   
50 Ki Lung Street   
Near Prince Edward MTR Station
Non-Profit Making Veterinary Services Society (NPV)   
2393 2070 (for appointments)
5931 9764 (emergency hotline)   
Ho Man Tin
G/F - 1/F, 7 Liberty Avenue
Near Pui Ching Primary School
Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH Kowloon)   
2408 2588
Mong Kok   
G/F, 26 Sai Yee Street   
Near MacPherson   Playground
Macpherson Animal Clinic*   
2781 2386
6227 0262 (Whatsapp)   
Mong Kok    
14-16 Victory Ave    
Near Waterloo Road    
Animal Medical Center   
2713 4155   
Sham Shui Po   
339 Lai Chi Kok Road   
Near Dragon Centre   
CityU VMC   
3650 3000 (for appointments)
3650 3200 (emergency hotline)   

Hong Kong Island

Clinic Name   
Phone Number   
Kennedy Town    
Shop 4-6, G/F, Shun Fai   Building, 19 Hau Wo Street    
Near Kennedy Town MTR   Station   
9Lives Veterinary   Emergency Centre (VEC)   
2334 2334   
Sai Ying Pun   
Shop 1, G/F, 25-35 Water   Street    
Near Ba Yi Restaurant   
The Ark Veterinary Hospital*   
2549 2330
5590 4993 (Whatsapp)   
Shau Kei Wan   
256 Shai Kei Wan Road    
Near Eastern Central   Plaza    
East Island 24hr Animal Hospital*   
2915 3999   
North Point   
G/F, 66 Java Road &   1/F, Yan Wo Building, 70 Java Road    
Near Java Market    
Pets Central   
2811 8907   
North Point   
19 Kin Wah Street    
Near Fortress Hill   Playground   
North Point Animal Hospital   
2307 6622   
Wan Chai   
G/F-2/F, Lucky Centre,   165 Wan Chai Road    
Near Emperor Group Centre      
Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong   
2408 2588   
Wan Chai 5 Wan Shing Street Near Wan Chai Sports Ground HKSPCA (Hong Kong Centre - HQ) 2679 1000
2711 1000 (emergency hotline)
Happy Valley LG & P1, No. 5-7, Blue Pool Road Near Wong Nai Chung Sports Centre CONCORDIA PET CARE 2679 1000
5919 3038 (Whatsapp - Dogs & Cats)
5537 0847 (Whatsapp - Exotic Pets)

Ambulance Service for Pets

Pet Club HK operates the only ambulance service for pets in Hong Kong. It boasts a team of professionally trained pet medics and the vehicles are equipped with oxygen supply systems, stretcher beds, and first aid supplies specifically for pet use.

In an emergency, the ambulance service will contact the nearest hospital and strive to deliver the pet to a vet within the golden period for treatment, increasing their chances of survival. The ambulances can also provide non-emergency transport, including pick-ups or hospital transfers.

Emergency hotline: 9782 2999
Enquiries: 9738 8103/2480 9234
Mon, Thurs, Fri 5pm - 6am
Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun 8pm - 6am

*Macpherson Animal Clinic, The Ark Veterinary Hospital and East Island 24hr Animal Hospital are OneDegree’s network clinics^.

Pawfect Care policyholders visiting network clinics can get 90% reimbursement on eligible expenses  (e.g. If your bill is HKD 1,000, you can claim back HKD 900). Our network includes other non-24hr clinics and hospitals. See here for the full list.

^Pawfect Care also accepts claims for non-network clinics. Policyholders visiting clinics outside of OneDegree’s network can claim 70% of eligible expenses.

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