OneDegree Pawfect Care - The one and only Pet CEO Plan in Hong Kong - No sublimits with reimbursement as much as 90%, the highest in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong – 11th January 2022) In response to rising pet medical expenses, OneDegree as market leader today announces that it will upgrade its existing pet medical plan to provide pet owners with more comprehensive protection.


According to statistics from the Census and Statistics Department, there are 240,000 households comprising cat and dog owners in Hong Kong, accounting for 9.4% of all households. More than 30% of dog-owning households have more than one dog, and owners with more than one cat accounted for nearly 40% of those households with cats. Overall, it is estimated that there are 400,000 cats and dogs in Hong Kong households. This shows very clearly that Hong Kong people love cats and dogs, and market demand for pet medical insurance is increasing. OneDegree, which has been in operation in Hong Kong for nearly three years, is a leader in the provision of pet medical insurance. Even taking account of the impact of the epidemic situation last year, business has continued to rise and grow sustainably. Last year, the pet medical insurance business volume was 2.5 times that of 2021; growth in profits in the fourth quarter nearly tripled compared with the same period of the previous year.



The cost of some medical items soared by 55%

High pet medical expenses and continued medical inflation have increased demand for high-quality pet medical insurance cover. According to OneDegree’s internal data study, as of the end of June 2022, the average billing cost of pet medical service was at HK$2,031, which is an increase of 18% (from HK$1,728) for the same period in 2021, and a single medical fee can be as high as HK$132,956. Among them, the average cost of general consultation per visit increased significantly from about HK$312 in June 2021 to HK$484 in June 2022, an increase of 55%, causing a potentially significant financial burden on pet owners.



The one and only Pet CEO Plan in Hong Kong with no sublimits

Choosing the right pet medical insurance plan can effectively reduce the medical-financial burden for pet owners. Every pet has different health needs, but most pet medical insurance on the market has sublimits on respective medical items apart from the policy’s insured amount, which as a consequence the owner may only receive a low level of compensation against high medical expenses paid by the owner. In view of this, OneDegree "Pawfect Care" specially provides the market with the one and only “Pet CEO Plan”, which is a breakthrough that sets no sublimits applied to respective medical items; instead, the entire policy has only one insured amount, which can be used at will for outpatient consultation, medication, X-ray and laboratory test expenses, surgical expenses or hospitalization expenses which are not limited by the compensation limit for specific items, so customers can obtain higher levels of compensation.





The highest reimbursement rate in Hong Kong - 90% of eligible medical expenses

For pets aged 1 or above, 90% of eligible medical expenses from network veterinary clinic will be reimbursed, which makes Pawfect Care the pet medical insurance with highest reimbursement rate in Hong Kong. Pet owners may also visit any non-network veterinary clinic and receive a competitive reimbursement rate at 70%, while baby pets aged between 13 weeks and 11-month-old are covered by 50% compensation in any veterinary clinic.


Pet Medical Insurance Coverage Comparison Table:

Medical Items

Pawfect Care

Insurance Company A

Insurance Company B

Insurance Company C

Annual Medical Insurance Coverage





Surgery Cost

(No sublimit, and the insured amount can be allocated freely)


HK$70,000 (The inspection fee is at most HK$10,000)


Inspection fees (X-ray inspection, ultrasonic inspection and laboratory fees, etc.)



HK$16,000 (Each HK$800, maximum 20 times)



Hospital costs


$7,000 (Maximum $500 for each day)

Shared with surgery costs of $60,000



The highest medical coverage for pet insurance in Hong Kong

In order to further help pet owners cope with high medical expenses, OneDegree "Pawfect Care" has raised the annual medical insurance coverage limit of all plans starting Jan 9, 2023. Annual coverage of the prestigious Ultra Plan will be HK$80,000, making it the pet medical insurance with the highest coverage in Hong Kong. This upgrade is applicable to all new customers or existing customers who renew their insurance from January 9, 2023.


"OneDegree has been paying attention to the latest trends in the pet market, and understands that the rise in pet medical expenses has brought a heavy burden to owners. It is even more important now, so we have comprehensively upgraded the annual coverage of each plan, providing the highest pet medical insurance coverage in Hong Kong. This essentially brings a more secure choice for pet owners, who remain committed to doing the best they possibly can for their pet and the animal’s medical needs," said Alvin Kwock, Co-founder of OneDegree Group.



The most comprehensive policy provides cancer cash protection

Many customers have reported that under unpredictable circumstances, when a healthy and energetic pet encounters an accident or illness, the owner needs to find a way to face high pet medical expenses ranging from thousands to tens of thousands in costs, and posing a corresponding pressure on the lives of the pet and the owner. If the pet unfortunately suffers from cancer unexpectedly, medical expenses are even more difficult to estimate given the potentially catastrophic situation in which they find themselves. The prevalence of pet cancer will continue to increase with the age of pets. In case a pet suffers from cancer for the first time, OneDegree "Pawfect Care" will provide a one-time cancer cash of HK$10,000 in addition to covering related medical expenses, to help pet owners and their beloved animal overcome this difficulty.



Applicable to all types of cats and dogs: Lifetime renewal claims can be completed within 5 days

OneDegree "Pawfect Care" CEO Plan provides insurance for cats and dogs of all breeds, from 13 weeks to 11 years old. Compared with existing pet insurance products in the market, OneDegree Perfect Pass covers a wide range of pet age. Cats and dogs enter their middle-aged period of life after the age of 8, and medical services they need will likely increase with each passing year. OneDegree focuses on supporting the concerns of pet owners, and so it provides pet life-long renewal protection to protect pets for the rest of their lives. Pet owners can log in to the online system to apply for medical claims. Under normal circumstances, reimbursement can be obtained within 5 working days (at the earliest). The convenient claim experience saves time for owners and allows them to focus on their pets, making the process as easy as possible.


25% discount during the promotion period

Apply from now until January 21, 2023, and enjoy a 25% discount on the first-year premium!


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