OneDegree offers free "Protection Against Side-Effects From COVID-19 Vaccines”

Homegrown next-generation insurer OneDegree Hong Kong Limited (“OneDegree Hong Kong”) announces today that it is offering free protection against potential side-effects from COVID-19 vaccinations, supporting our community through the pandemic. Hong Kong residents can enjoy the “Protection Against Side-Effects from COVID-19 Vaccines” by completing a simple registration, free of charge. 


According to the government, Hong Kong will receive its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines as early as January 2021. The accelerated speed with which vaccines to prevent the novel coronavirus have been developed is heartening news for communities around the world. However, it is understandable that some may be worried about potential side-effects and complications from receiving the vaccinations. By offering this free protection, OneDegree Hong Kong hopes to give the public who wishes to be immunized an extra peace of mind.


Hong Kong residents of all ages can register through the company’s website ( or WhatsApp channel (+852 2886 9892). Registration will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, and successful registrants will receive confirmation. The coverage will be valid from the date of successful registration until 31 March 2021.


If, within 14 days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination provided by the HK Government, a registrant requires ICU hospitalization for five days or more or passes away as a result of side-effects from the vaccine, OneDegree Hong Kong will provide a one-time cash payment of HK$100,000 to the registrant.


For more information of the “Protection Against Side-Effects from COVID-19 Vaccines”, please refer to the terms and conditions in OneDegree Hong Kong’s website

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