OneDegree launches new brand campaign “Onto the Next Insurance Frontier” Breaking into mainstream market with its first critical illness plan “InfiniCare”

OneDegree Hong Kong, the virtual insurance company with the largest number of users in Hong Kong1, today announced its entirely new brand campaign “Onto the Next Insurance Frontier”. The new campaign shows OneDegree Hong Hong’s commitment to providing comprehensive coverage for Hong Kong people against unforeseeable challenges in the future. As the pandemic has heightened the public’s awareness of health and self-care, OneDegree Hong Kong launches its first Critical Illness Insurance “InfiniCare” to offer customers timely protection in a much more efficient manner, adhering to the Company’s customer-centric philosophy.


The world is changing fast, as are people’s needs in the face of an uncertain future. OneDegree Hong Kong’s new brand campaign spells out its commitment to customers by being there for them in times of uncertainty, and empowering them to cope with every challenge in life. A series of promotional campaigns will be launched this month – TV commercials and outdoor and online ads starring well-loved local rock band “RubberBand” to help preach the company’s new campaign tagline “Onto the Next Insurance Frontier”.


Arthur Lee, CEO of OneDegree Hong Kong, said, “Our new brand promotion depicts the obstacles people face despite coming from different backgrounds and uphold different values, and reiterates our commitment to be there for our customers and have their backs whenever they need us. Braving the tidal wave of change, OneDegree Hong Kong keeps bringing new impetus to the market with technology and innovative thinking, launching diverse insurance products to help customers tackle the pain points that have been troubling them for years. As of November 2021, OneDegree Hong Kong sees an average monthly growth rate of 30%, and the number of paid users has reached over 100,000, showing promising achievements of the Company.”


Along with the new brand tagline, OneDegree Hong Kong launches its first Critical Illness Insurance product “InfiniCare”, offering comprehensive coverage to customers against unexpected turns in life with key features including:

  • First-in-HK unlimited claims2 – any type of covered critical illness can be claimed once during the policy period to provide more comprehensive coverage, compared with products that generally cover some of the diseases or have reimbursement limits
  • 98% of critical illness cases covered3 – covers up to 62 illnesses including 7 major illnesses such as cancer, coronary artery surgery and heart attack, and also three early stage critical illnesses
  • No survival period – most critical illness products have a survival period where no compensation will be made if the insured passes away within a short period of time after the critical illness is diagnosed. InfiniCare has no such limitation4
  • Easy enrollment – online or mobile enrolment takes just 3 minutes5 to get comprehensive health coverage with fees as low as HKD33 per year6


Meanwhile, OneDegree Hong Kong also launches a Medical Wellness Program “OnePass”. OnePass offers a one-stop-access to multiple aspects of customers’ wellness routines, acknowledging customers’ increased investment in overall wellness and health protection. OnePass offers two types of “passports” – “MedPass” and “WellPass” – for access to over 900 clinics covered in the medical service network, and 200 offers on selected leisure and wellness services. Customers are entitled to discounts of up to 70% on medical services and wellness experiences.


Arthur Lee added, “The pandemic has fuelled the growing health consciousness. People tend to invest more on quality living and mental wellbeing as social distancing and remote working became the new normal. OneDegree Hong Kong launches InfiniCare and OnePass to offer doubled-up health protection for the health-conscious wellness generation.”


OneDegree Hong Kong also announces a limited-time offer: from 2 to 31 December 2021, new customers are entitled to a 25% discount on their first-year premium when they purchase Pet Insurance, Fire Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance on OneDegree Hong Kong’s website, plus a one-year complimentary WellPass membership (worth HKD680) to enjoy an array of offers on medical, leisure and wellness services.


Alvin Kwock, Co-Founder of OneDegree, said, “The pandemic has altered customer behavior, where we see an elevated demand for insurance products and the need for more convenience in acquiring these products. More customers are turning to digital platforms for insurance products and services. We estimate that half of the general insurance products in Hong Kong will be purchased online in 2025, translating to huge potential in the market. We are committed to growing OneDegree Hong Kong to be a top 3 general insurer in Hong Kong by 2025.


Kwock added, “We have accumulated vast experience and expertise in Asia with our insurance products and technology. Upon the launch of our first personal health insurance product, we strive to dive deeper into the mainstream market by offering more diversified products including home, accident and medical. Meanwhile, we will continue to extend our business in Asia and are gearing up to enter Europe with the aim to reaching more potential customers with insurance technology.”



1.        OneDegree Hong Kong has over 100,000 paid users, estimated to be the highest number among all virtual insurers in Hong Kong. The estimate is based on the provisional statistics for long term business in 2021, annual general business statistics in 2020 and other figures released by the Insurance Authority.

2.        Only applicable to the Infinity Plan. There is a waiting period of one year between each new type of critical illness claim. There is no limit on the total number of claims while the policy is in force, except that only a maximum of one claim can be made for each type of critical illness and that no further claims are possible after a claim for terminal illness or loss of independent existence. Subject to other terms and conditions. Please refer to the policy details.

3.        The 62 critical illnesses covered by the Boost and Infinity Plan cover 98% of the specified critical illnesses under the 10Life Term Critical Illness Insurance scoring method.

4.        Except for terminal illnesses.

5.        The shortest possible processing time is 33 seconds according to OneDegree Hong Kong’s internal test as of 26 Nov 2021 while the actual processing time is subject to various factors.

6.        For an 18-year-old male purchasing an InfiniCare plan with a sum assured of HKD100,000 per year.


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