OneDegree expands into new horizons with ground-breaking home insurance solution Tapping the protection gap to cover all families, including traditional and LGBTQ+ families

OneDegree Hong Kong Limited (“OneDegree”), Hong Kong’s leading virtual insurer, today announces the launch of the new OneDegree Home Insurance. Following the success of its solutions for pet, fire coverage and critical illness, OneDegree further expands into new horizons to serve the mass market with its new Home Insurance. As the latest addition to OneDegree’s diversified range of insurance products, its new home insurance solution sees Hong Kong’s leading virtual insurer’s commitment to leverage technology and innovation to reduce cost and provide products with the most valued-for-money coverage. Acknowledging a real protection gap and need for inclusiveness for a diverse community, OneDegree Home Insurance taps into the underserved market by extending its policy definition of “family” to cover both traditional and LGBTQ+ families with proof of cohabitation for at least 12 months. A true commitment to protect every family equally and promulgate family protection without bias or limitations.


OneDegree’s Co-Founder Alvin Kwock said, “We believe insurance is not just protection but also a commitment to family. We recognize that families come in different forms, but ultimately every one has an inherent desire to protect their loved ones. With our new Home Insurance, we want to serve all families out there, embrace diversity and enhance the ‘sense of home’ for every family in Hong Kong.”


Launched together with OneDegree Home Insurance is a short clip that demonstrates OneDegree’s commitment to cater for the needs of traditional and LGBTQ+ families. With celebrity Kayla Wong, Yip Pui Win, Siu Sun, Keanu Tanaka and more, 10 Hong Kong-based LGBTQ+ couples were invited to share thoughts on their definition of “home”. The clip is available online on OneDegree Facebook Page:


New Home Insurance in response to the market to bridge protection gap 

According to a market research conducted by OneDegree prior to the launch of its new Home Insurance, third-party liability is the key when considering a home insurance coverage while most respondents find home insurance excellent value as it offers a high level of cover for their property at an annual premium of just hundreds of Hong Kong dollars. In response to such customer needs, OneDegree Home Insurance enhances third-party liability protection in particular to offer better protection at an affordable fee – a maximum limit of HKD 15 million for third-party liability compensation with an average monthly premium just under HKD 1001.


OneDegree soft-launched its new Home Insurance in March 2022 and has learnt that there is an unmet need for insurance protection for LGBTQ+ families, therefore the product is launched to extend its coverage to cover also same-sex married couples and same-sex/opposite-sex cohabiting partners.


Fast and easy enrollment with no waiting period

As a leading insurtech company committed to innovate insurance experience with technology and data analysis, OneDegree has conducted various tests during the soft launch period to optimise customer experience and make the online enrollment process more intrusive, seamless and hassle-free. Customers can get an instant quote online with just their residential address enabled by Google address auto-fill and the saleable area, and they can easily complete the enrollment in a minute or two by providing quick personal information. The policy takes effect immediately after successful enrollment, with absolutely no waiting period.

Flexibility to remove unwanted options tailored to specific customer needs

OneDegree understands different customers have different needs. When signing up for a OneDegree Home Insurance plan, customers can easily exclude some personalized benefits which they don’t need, such as Pets Owner’s Third-party Liabilities, Home Appliances Warranty, and School Closure Compensation due to COVID-19 & Hospital Cash due to Accident at Home, and the relevant charges will be deducted from the premium accordingly, meaning they can tailor their coverage to serve their specific needs at a more  reasonable premium.


Hassle-free claims experience with 5-working day guarantee

OneDegree offers a digital, paperless process for both enrollment and claims. In addition, OneDegree understands claims handling is one of the biggest area of concern among customers, and therefore guarantees to process and approve a claim within 5 working days3 upon receipt of all necessary documents. OneDegree has also greatly enhanced transparency of the claims settlement process, as customers can easily track progress through email notifications.


OneDegree Home Insurance: Key features

In addition to the basic coverage for household contents, personal accidental death and others, OneDegree Home Insurance also offers:


  • Equal benefits for same-sex and opposite-sex marriage and domestic partnership: OneDegree cares about diversity and inclusion and it protects every family equally – not just for traditional families but also or cohabiting partners and married couples regardless of gender 2. 
  • Up to HKD 15 million coverage with a premium under HKD 100: OneDegree Home Insurance covers residential properties of all types, including village houses and detached houses. With an average monthly premium just under HKD 1001, customers can enjoy up to HKD 15 million for third-party liability compensation, and there is no premium surcharge to cover outdoor areas including gardens and rooftops. OneDegree Home Insurance allows customers enjoy greater protection with a limited premium.
  • No premium surcharge to cover repairs of home appliances: For most home insurance plans in the market, if a customer wants to cover repairs of home appliances there will be an extra charge added to their premium. However, customers signing up for the OneDegree Home Insurance All-Round Plan do not have to pay extra to get their home appliances covered4. OneDegree covers the cost of repairs5 when an appliance, including TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers and washer dryer combo, develops a fault.
  • Pets Owner Third-party Liabilities Protection: The third-party liability clause of OneDegree Home Insurance covers not only homeowners and residents but also their pets. OneDegree helps customers cover accidental damage caused by their pets to a third-party property or person.
  • Pandemic protection for class suspension and working from home: OneDegree Home Insurance covers specific losses due to class suspension and hospitalization expenses due to an accident at home.
  • Loss and damage to home possessions during renovation: Homes under renovations are more susceptible to accidents. OneDegree Home Insurance covers unexpected losses and damages to home possessions caused by a contractor during renovation at home.

OneDegree celebrates the launch by offering 30% off first year's premium

OneDegree is launching a special limited-time offer for its new Home Insurance. New customers can enjoy 30% off their first year’s premium upon successful enrollment from 9 June until 10 July 2022. For more information, visit    




  1. Assuming that a unit with a saleable area under 400 square feet is insured with an All-Round Plan with no customized benefits, the annual premium for the first year after the 30% discount is HKD 1,032, and the average monthly premium is HKD 86.
  2. A person, regardless of their gender, you cohabit with and are in a relationship equivalent to marriage. You and your partner should have been living together at the same residential address for at least 12 months.
  3. Only applicable for claims below HKD 2,000.
  4. Home appliance repair coverage is a default coverage under the All-Round Plan.
  5. Coverage is limited to TVs (excluding screens), refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and washer dryer combo purchased from authorized dealers in Hong Kong, in use for less than 5 years and with a value of at least HKD 3,000 (receipt proof is required); the maximum claim is limited at HKD 10,000 or the purchase price of the appliance (whichever is lower), excluding transportation and delivery costs.


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