OneDegree once again breaks the ground in pet insurance by responding to public demand for the first and only Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong – 5th December 2022) OneDegree Hong Kong Limited (OneDegree) has always been leading the pet insurance market. Today, OneDegree announces the launch of Hong Kong’s first and only Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance, expanding its product offerings in pet insurance, and becoming the first insurance company to offer protection to owners who love to keep turtles, tortoise or birds as pets.



“Petition for Insuring Your Turtle, Tortoise and Bird” – Insurance exclusive to voters only with 30% off premium

As an insurance company that listens to its customers’ demands, OneDegree launched a public petition “Insuring Your Turtle, Tortoise and Bird” in September. OneDegree promised that if there were over 500 people uploading the pictures of the turtles, tortoises and birds and voted for this insurance idea in the petition, this dedicated new insurance product would be launched. In just three weeks after the petition was opened, the number of participants had already reached the target, and finally it has received a total of 804 votes during the 2-month period – a very encouraging result that far exceeds the initial target by 1.6 times, and testament to the potential forward popularity of the new insurance product.


To show gratitude for the overwhelming support, OneDegree is officially launching its Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance today. From 5 December 2022 to 13 February 2023, all voters in the petition will be exclusively invited to purchase the insurance for their turtle, tortoise and bird with a privileged discount of 30% off on the first year’s premium. After becoming successfully insured, they will also receive a Lalamove coupon, be able to enjoy 20% off the premium of OneDegree Fire Insurance, Home Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance.[1]            



Covers up to 68 bird species and 53 turtle species with no upper limit on renewal age

OneDegree Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance covers up to 68 bird species and 53 turtle and tortoise species, including common and rare species such as the tremella lovebird[2] and Brazilian turtle[3], insurable age from 1 to 10 years old.  


The average life spans of turtles, tortoises and birds are longer than those of other pets. While turtles and tortoises have an average lifespan of over 20 years, birds have an average lifespan of 5-10 years and the life expectancy of parrots which are common pets of Hongkongers, can even be as long as 80 years. OneDegree understands that pets may often get sick due to aging and associated risk factors; thus, there is no age limit for Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance renewal,[4] allowing pets to enjoy better health protection even in old age.



Flat rate premium to provide the strongest support to owners of turtles, tortoises and birds

According to an earlier market survey, veterinary clinics of turtles, tortoises and birds charge as much as HK$2,000 per consultation. Medical expenses as a result of serious illness that require hospitalization can go as high as HK$10,000, especially when there is a veterinary hospital stay of more than 2 days. This inevitably imposes a huge financial burden on pet owners. OneDegree offers premium at a flat rate of HK$2,988 across all turtles, tortoises and birds available for insurance, meaning HK$2,091.60 annually after 30% discount. With a monthly premium as low as HK$174.30, the insurance plan provides 20 times annual coverage that includes outpatient consultation, hospitalization and surgery expenses. It covers up to 50% of eligible expenses, with the aim to provide a more all-rounded health care protection policy to turtles, tortoises and birds. The online claim process is quick and convenient, and can be reimbursed within 10 working days in general.    


Alvin Kwock, Co-founder of OneDegree Group said, ‘As a brand that carries the mission to provide all-rounded protection to customers, OneDegree understands the lack of sufficient protection currently available for certain types of pets. From a survey conducted earlier, 30% of respondents would need veterinary services annually; while 40% reflected a desire to purchase insurance products for their turtles, tortoises and birds. Thus, as a brand that listens to the needs of customers, OneDegree took the lead to extend pet protection by introducing Hong Kong’s first and only turtle and bird cover. This new insurance will be officially launched in mid-2023, and continues our vision of becoming a market pioneer by pushing through market boundaries.’


Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance is initially available only to voters who joined the petition; however, all owners of turtles, tortoises and birds can still log on to our official website to join the waiting list to enjoy the next round quota of exclusive invitation to the first and only Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance with additional discount offers.


For details of the product, waiting list and promotion, please visit: (link TBC)


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