OneDegree Global and Eazy Digital Forge Strategic Alliance to Drive Efficiencies and Revenue Across Asia’s Insurance Sector

November 7, 2023 – OneDegree Global (OneDegree) and Eazy Digital have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at setting a new standard in Asia's insurance sector. Further bolstering this alliance, OneDegree has made its first external investment in Eazy Digital. By zeroing in on the urgent need for efficient agency management, this partnership aims to offer innovative solutions that will boost revenue and enhance competitiveness for insurance providers.

In today's fast evolving insurance market, insurers and their agents are facing escalating challenges as they scale. These include managing an increasing number of agents and improving the efficiency of sales and customer service. The newly formed strategic partnership directly tackles these critical issues. It integrates OneDegree's IXT, a scalable modern insurance platform designed to manage every aspect of the insurance lifecycle, with Eazy Digital's automated agency management system (AMS), which liberates insurance agents and insurers from the constraints of legacy systems and manual procedures. The integration of the two company’s platform empowers insurance transformation from the roots of backend core operations on IXT platform all the way to frontend distribution on Eazy Digital’s end.

"Today's complex insurance landscape calls for agile, adaptive solutions. Our collaboration with OneDegree allows us to focus on our frontend platform while being able to provide a full packaged solution for insurance clients via the partnership and vice-versa. It integrates the best of our offerings but provides a unique, scalable solution that puts unprecedented control back into the hands of insurers," said Harprem Doowa, Co-founder and CEO of Eazy Digital.

The integration of the IXT and Eazy Digital solutions streamlines various agency operations. Enhanced lead management features empower agents to accelerate sales while reducing the time-to-conversion. The combined solution also automates labor-intensive tasks such as generating quotes, issuing policies, and processing endorsements, thereby increasing accuracy while saving time.

Key Features and Benefits

- Speed to Market: Quick implementation and fast new product launch for distribution.
- Streamlined Agent Sales Process: Modern tools to drive unparalleled efficiency from lead acquisition to closing deals.
- Automation Campaign Builder: Build data-driven personalized agent campaigns to boost sales efficiency.
- Real-time Quotation and Policy Management: Fast and accurate processes in quotation, policy issuance, and endorsements with straight-through processing capabilities.
- Intelligent Performance Insights: Real-time insights into key KPIs and SLAs.

"Automation is no longer a luxury but a necessity for growth,” said Michelle Ip, Chief Commercial Officer of OneDegree. “This partnership offers advanced automation for mundane and complex tasks alike, enhancing agency efficiency and directly benefiting insurance revenue. Our investment in Eazy Digital exemplifies our belief in the transformative power of this partnership, which we expect will bring mutual benefits for our existing and future clients.”

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