OneDegree Exhibits at Hong Kong Pet Show 2023 offering Great Benefits and Discount

(Hong Kong – 1st February 2023) OneDegree Hong Kong Limited (OneDegree) has led the pet insurance market since its inception, and was first to provide dedicated Turtle, Tortoise and Bird Insurance plans for pet owners in Hong Kong. Now, its latest Pet CEO Plan with no sublimits applied to respective medical items has triggered a great response from pet owners. Understanding that owners have multiple considerations before purchasing insurance for their beloved animals, OneDegree will be participating in the Hong Kong Pet Show 2023 (Pet Show) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 2-5 February 2023. Its booth set-up in the venue, along with professionals on-hand to answer questions from pet owners, enables visitors to learn about the protection that OneDegree’s “Pawfect Care” CEO Plan provides to pets. Visitors can also enjoy up to a 35% off discount, as well as a range of exclusive gifts when applying for insurance at the show.


OneDegree’s booth offers a free polaroid “Photo Booth”, where pet owners can dress their pets using various props, and a professional camera will capture amazing moments and print photos, giving owners the chance to take home special mementos of their pets. On February 2nd and 3rd, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm every day, the booth will also provide a free cat behavior consultation service hosted by Jack, a cat behavior consultant. Jack has taken a number of animal behavior courses such as CASI “Cat Behavior Science and Technology” in Canada, and aims to use his professional knowledge to answer questions about cat behavior at home.


Limited Discounts available at the Pet Show, with Great Gifts available for Successful Insurance Applicants

OneDegree will offer a range of exclusive discounts and promotional gifts available only at the Pet Show:


1st Exclusive Offer: 35% Off Discount on “Pawfect Care”[1]

Enjoy a discount of up to 35% off when purchasing a OneDegree "Pawfect Care" CEO Plan at the Pet Show. "Pawfect Care" is the one and only Pet CEO Plan in Hong Kong, with a monthly premium as low as HK$179, allowing pet owners to benefit from the reassurance of a reimbursement rate of up to 90%[2]. "Pawfect Care" is first with no sublimits applied to respective medical items; pet owners can freely use the entire insured amount, and so can entrust OneDegree to take care of the future medical expenses of their pets.



2nd Exclusive Offer: One of Three Selected Pet Gifts

Get one of the following OneDegree selected gifts after having successfully applied for designated insurance plans, with all of these exclusive gifts carefully chosen for pets. Gifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while stocks last.


(Exclusive Limited Edition) MO/MaskOn Nano-EO Nano Sterilization Spray – Ginger & Spice for Pets Only


※      Exclusive collaboration between OneDegree and MO/MaskOn (this product is not yet available in the market)

MO/MaskOn is a design master for local epidemic prevention and lifestyle products. Taking the user's experience as the first priority, it has produced a series of good-looking and easy-to-use products which are popular in the market.

※      First to launch this brand-new pet formula

※      Alcohol-free

※      Nano-EO Nano antibacterial system

※      Kills COVID-19 (>99.9%*)

※      Patented ABV anti-virus coating, which can form a 24-hour anti-virus protection layer on the surface of objects**


*Antiviral test (ASTM E1053-20) – 30-minute exposure to virus

**Antibacterial test (ISO 22196:2011) – 24 hours after application on surface


VETOPIA Animalkind Freeze-dried and Air-dried Snacks Gift Pack


※      This gift pack contains 2 packs of freeze-dried raw meat snacks, 2 packs of natural air-dried snacks, and 2 packs of freeze-dried raw meat (trial pack)

※      Designed by David Gething's Team of Veterinarians and Animal Nutritionists

※      Products are made from 100% natural ingredients

※      Ingredients are strictly and ethically sourced from around the world

GK Concentrate 500ml

※      Made in Singapore, with multiple agency sterilization certification and safety testing

※      Can be used to clean all surfaces, sanitizes laundry, soak pet accessories, and sterilize drains

※      Pleasant Jasmine fragrance, no rinsing needed

※      All ingredients are biodegradable, and contains no harsh chemicals, even with pets are licking or touching surfaces, making it safe for daily use





3rd Exclusive Offer: Apply for Insurance using the Coupon in the Brochure and Get an Extra Supermarket Cash Coupon

During the Pet Show, visitors can get a limited-availability brochure outside of the venue, which contains a OneDegree Pet Show exclusive coupon. This grants the visitor a HK$100 supermarket cash coupon upon successful application for the "Pawfect Care" CEO Plan at the venue. OneDegree has observed that many families in Hong Kong have more than one pet, and so therefore if they apply for more than one “Pawfect Care" CEO Plan, they will get another HK$100 supermarket cash coupon, and further coupons on further applications - get 2 cash coupons upon 2 successful applications, 3 cash coupons for 3 successful applications and so on, granting even more great benefits whilst protecting your whole family of pets.



OneDegree “Pet Show 2023” Booth Details


Hall 3BCDE (Booth B02), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai

Opening hours:

2nd – 4th February, 2023 (Thursday - Saturday)

5th February, 2023 (Sunday)




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