Hong Kong snooker star Marco Fu Ka-chun promotes OneDegree’s upgraded Home Insurance Plan

Hong Kong snooker star Marco Fu Ka-chun promotes

OneDegree’s upgraded Home Insurance Plan

OneDegree extends home insurance coverage to 14 major household appliances, making it the best Home Appliance Warranty in town


Speaking of his first collaboration with OneDegree under the theme of “We support super parents with the best Home Appliances Warranty in town!”, Marco said, “I’ve chosen to work with OneDegree on the launch of their new home insurance offerings because I believe in products that make parenting more accessible. This collaboration also gave me the priceless opportunity to spend the day shooting with my daughters and bring them along to work with me. Experiences like these can only enhance our understanding of each other,” Marco added, “I realized it was crucial to work with family-friendly businesses after having children because, as a father, I now understand how essential home insurance is for families all around the city. A broken washing machine or stove shouldn’t mean an emergency trip to the bank; thanks to OneDegree, families can now feel more secure."


The famed snooker player and his daughters are included in the new short film, along with three local Hong Kong families who share touching stories about their father-daughter relationships and artwork that captures the most vivid image of their parents in their minds. OneDegree hopes to shine the spotlight on parents, as they are their children’s greatest support systems. By optimizing home insurance plans, OneDegree is set to provide family units with better protection, thus relieving the stress of last-minute financial burdens. The video made its debut on OneDegree’s Facebook page. View the video here: https://fb.watch/gwHOtCcR9S/


The Best Home Appliances Warranty in Hong Kong now Covers 14 Major Appliances

OneDegree has been actively expanding its home insurance plans in recent years, offering extensive types of home appliance coverage across Hong Kong. OneDegree has now strengthened the protection of household appliances in its insurance packages, extending its coverage from 6 to over 14 household appliances[1]. Now, any household appliances that were purchased in Hong Kong, ranging from HK$3,000 to HK$30,000, will be eligible under the new plan for repair costs if they should experience technical malfunctions or damages incurred by the authorised service centres in Hong Kong.


In addition, OneDegree has extended its coverage to include the cost of the inspections even if the appliances are found to be irreversibly damaged. Understanding that household appliances break down from time to time, OneDegree knows that having the right home insurance policy can empower consumers to save and not have to crunch their household budgets.


Alvin Kwock, Co-Founder of OneDegree Group, said: “Home accidents happen occasionally, and it is necessary to enhance OneDegree’s home insurance coverage. As we noticed from our market research, the current home appliance warranty coverage in Hong Kong was insufficient to meet the city’s needs. Thus, we are now providing enhanced and additional coverage for our customer’s home appliance repairs and needs. We are pleased to have Hong Kong Snooker Star Marco Fu on camera to share his experience in protecting his family. As a customer-centric company, we will continue adapting to our customers' changing home insurance needs and further optimise our products for families across the city.”


30% off for the First Year

From now until 30 November 2022, new customers who successfully apply for OneDegree Home Insurance can enjoy a 30% discount for the first year. For details on products and offers, please visit: https://www.onedegree.hk/en-us/home-insurance  


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OneDegree launched a short video with the theme of “We support super parents with the best Home Appliances Warranty in town!”, aiming to bring out that all parents are the greatest backing for their children. By optimizing home insurance plans, OneDegree hopes to provide parents with a sound piece of mind, as their homes will be better protected.



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