Insurance Made Simple
If you’re visiting this page, then good on you for trying to understand insurance better! We’ve highlighted common and useful insurance terms here and broke them down in plain English.


Sublimits are caps on how much you can claim for specific benefits.

Why it matters:

Many insurance policies have sublimits. What does that mean for you? Take another company's pet insurance for example. A policy might offer you annual coverage of HKD 40,000, which seems like it's enough to cover any medical expenses that might arise. But when your puppy gets sick and the vet needs to run tests to make the diagnosis, you discover there's a sublimit of only HKD 3,000 for diagnostic test fees! That can be incredibly frustrating if you weren't aware of your policy's sublimits.

OneDegree's Pawfect Care is the only pet insurance in Hong Kong which does not impose any sublimits. As long as it's within your plan's annual coverage, we don't limit how much you claim!