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We all have an inherent desire to keep our loved ones and home safe, and everyone should be equally protected. OneDegree Home Insurance protects every household – no matter you are married or just living together, or what gender your partner is, you can equally enjoy a 3rd-party liability coverage up to HKD15 million, giving you and your family the best possible protection. Enroll on or before 10 Jul 2022 to enjoy 30% off your first year's premium!

OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
Premium less than HKD100, with up to HKD 15 million coverage
OneDegree Home Insurance covers residential properties of all types, including village houses and detached houses. With an average monthly premium less than HKD 1001, you can enjoy up to HKD 15 million in third-party liability coverage, enabling you to enjoy greater protection with a limited premium
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Equal benefits for same-sex and opposite-sex marriage and domestic partnership
At OneDegree we care about equality and we are here to provide everyone with equal protection for their homes. Our Home Insurance provides the same benefit coverage for all, from opposite-sex couples to same-sex partners – and it doesn’t matter if you are married or living together2.
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No premium surcharge to cover repairs of home appliances
After your home appliance warranty expires, it can be difficult to decide between buying a new one and paying for the repair service when an appliance develops a fault. This is where OneDegree Home Insurance can come in and help. You are struggle-free from decision making now! We will share the cost without charging an additional premium3 - sign up for our All-Round Plan, which covers the cost of home appliance repair4.
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Pets Owner Third-party Liabilities Protection
Protecting furkids is at the heart of OneDegree. We always try our best to look out for your furry buddies. Our third-party liability coverage for pets will gives you peace of mind as we cover you for any accidental damage caused by your pets to third-party property or person.
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Pandemic protection for class suspension and working from home
The pandemic has led to school closures and work-from-home arrangements. Feeling frustrated about having paid for your child's school bus and lunch for nothing? Worrying about an increased risk of home accidents due to longer stays at home? We'll cover you for specific losses due to school suspensions and hospitalization expenses due to accidents at home.
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Loss and damage to home possessions during renovation covered
We understand homes under renovations are more susceptible to accidents. That’s why OneDegree’s Home Insurance covers unexpected losses and damages to home possessions caused by your contractor during renovation in your place.
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Secure and smooth enrollment and claims experience
Request an online quotation any time, OneDegree's Home Insurance policy will be effective immediately. It is completely paperlesss from application to claim, and claims are guaranteed to be completed within 5 working days after submission, provided that all necessary documents have been provided to us5. We will inform you of the progress of your claim by email and keep the claim process transparent.
For more details about remarks, please refer to notes
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OneDegree HK

Highlighted Benefits

OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
Choose Your Plan
OneDegree HK
Household Contents
Detailed Coverage
Personal Accidental Death
Per Person
HKD 50,000
Third-Party Liability
Exclude optional benefits that you don't need
Pet Owner Third-party Liabilities
Total Maximum Limit under Pets Owner's Third-party Liability is subject to the Plan’s Maximum Limit under the Third-party Liabilities section
School Closure Compensation due to COVID-19 and Hospital Cash due to Accident at Home
Not applicable if the Policyholder is the landlord and does not live in the address
School Closure Compensation due to COVID-19
HKD 1,000
Hospital Cash due to Accident at Home
HKD 500/day
Home Appliances Warranty
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
OneDegree HK
What's Not Covered
The following is a summary of the exclusion, please refer to the policy for details
  • Uninsurable risk such as scratching, corrosion, wear and tear;
  • Items which are insured under a separate policy;
    Malicious damage or vandalism by a person residing in the insured premises;
  • Contact lenses, mobile/portable phone, laptop, computer;
  • The insured premises unoccupied for more than 30 days
For more details about exclusions, refer to sample policy wordings.
OneDegree HK


Assuming that a unit with a saleable area of ​​less than 400 square feet is insured with an All-Round Plan and does not include any customized benefits, the annual premium for the first year after the 30% discount is HKD 1,032, and the average monthly premium is HKD 86.
Someone with whom You live in a relationship equivalent to marriage, whether of the same or opposite gender. Your Partner should have lived with You in the same home for at least 12 months.
Home appliance repair coverage is a default coverage under the All-Round Plan.
Coverage is limited to TVs (excluding screens), refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and washer dryer combo purchased from authorized dealers in Hong Kong, in use for less than 5 years and a value of at least HKD 3,000. Receipt proof is required; the maximum claim is limited at HKD 10,000 or the purchase price of the appliance (whichever is lower), excluding transportation and delivery costs.
Only applicable to claims below HKD 2,000.
Terms and Conditions

This promotion is valid from now until 10 July 2022 ("Promotion Period").


OneDegree’s system will automatically apply the 30% premium discount on Home Insurance (“Offer”) to applicable plans and payment mode and display it on the website.


The discounted premium will be rounded to the nearest whole number during quotation for display purposes. The actual premium payable will be shown at checkout and shall be the final amount.


The Offer is only applicable to premiums for the first year of a policy.


For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions of Home Insurance, please refer to the policy wordings.


All matters or disputes in relation to the promotion and the interpretation of terms and conditions shall be subject to the decision of OneDegree, which shall be final and binding. 


In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.