OneDegree is founded to change how people interact with insurance. With the application of latest technologies to our products, we make your insurance experience fast and simple.

With OneDegree, everything is at your fingertips.
OneDegree CLOSER
One can be connected to another in just six degrees. This concept is called the "Six Degrees of Separation".
At OneDegree, there is only one degree between you and us, we work to bring each of us one degree closer.
Redefining pet insurance to ensure your fluffy is healthy all the time.
Sightseeing shouldn’t be dangerous. We want you to have a good time!
Health insurance is not meant to be reading hieroglyphic in the terms.
Your ride shouldn’t cause you pain when the unexpected happens.
Employee Benefits
Human resource is already hard. Benefits for your employees made simple.
New Technology
Let us cover your adventures on the new technology platforms!
Passionate, dedicated and entrepreneurial founding team with diverse background spanning across technology, insurance, and financial services industries.

Alvin Kwock
Founder & CEO
Alex Leung
Co-founder & CIO
Ivy Wong
Head of Finance
Stephen Chung
Head of Marketing
Raymond Cheung
Head of Risk & Compliance
Ying Cui
Financial Adviser
Steven Li
Head of Partnership
Tommy Lu
Head of Technology
Mark Hsu
Solutions Architect
Rachel Leung
Design Engineer
Ken Hung
Senior Software Engineer
Henry Tai
Senior Software Engineer
PA Tsai
Senior Software Engineer
Jessica Huang
Product Manager
Rex Zhang
Senior Product Analyst
Kelvin Ribeiro
Fintech Associate
Tracy Tou
Senior Marketing Analyst
Esther Hsueh
Marketing Designer
83% of the founding team have started business.
20,000+ lines of code written.
80+ partnerships.
11+ major iterations of mobile app.
To know our customers better, we have met with 200+ dogs and cats and their parents.
7 nationalities represented.
OneDegree IMPACT
We are a group of strategic thinkers, developers and entrepreneurs who believe in the power of digital age and share a passion to advance the insurance industry. We value people who are bold and creative, open and curious, with a high bar of quality. Come join us in this revolution!