Pre-existing medical conditions
your pet has developed symptoms or received a diagnosis, medication, advice, or treatment before the end of the waiting period: Allergies, Arthritis (non-septic) , Asthma or chronic lower respiratory tract diseases, Cancer (malignant), Cardiovascular diseases , Chronic colitis, Chronic eye diseases, Chronic gastritis, Chronic liver diseases, Chronic pancreatic diseases

Pregnancy and breeding medical conditions: We do not cover any medical conditions related to your pet coming into season, egg binding, giving birth, pregnancy and breeding.

Congenital medical conditions

Medical conditions caused by deliberate harm or negligence

Medical conditions caused by extreme events: Any declared pandemic disease. War and terrorism: war (whether declared or not); invasion; acts of foreign enemies; civil war; revolution; civil unrest; performing duties as a member of armed forces, police, or law enforcing agencies. Radioactive contamination, chemical, biological, biochemical, and electromagnetic weapons

Preventive/Elective treatments:
– Cosmetic procedures or any complications arising from these treatments
– Spaying and neutering or any complications arising from these treatments
– Preventive procedures or routine health care, including vaccinations and routine examinations, parasite control, microchipping, grooming, wing clipping, beak nail and claw trimming, or any complications arising from these treatments
– Diet foods, pet foods, supplements (including but not limited to synbiotics, vitamins and minerals), eardrops, eyedrops, pill dispensers
– Cleaning products (including but not limited to shampoo and bathing, medicated baths, or any products for cleaning purposes)
– Collars, housing and exercise – Purchase or rental of prosthetics
– Training or behavioural modifications – Self-mutilation (including but not limited to feather plucking) by your pet which is not diagnosed as being part of an overall medical condition
– Any mental or emotional disorder

Excluded treatments or therapies:
– Acupuncture
– Alternative therapy
– Chemotherapy
– Experimental therapy
– Gene therapy
– Herbal medicines (including but not limited to medical herbs, Chinese medicines, or its related products)
– Homoeopathic remedies
– Hydrotherapy
– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
– Immunotherapy
– Laser therapy
– Organ transplant
– Osteopathy
– Ozone therapy
– Physiotherapy
– Radiotherapy
– Stem cell therapy

Non-medical expenses:
– Transportation expenses
– Funeral expenses
– Clinic administration fees, including but not limited to the cost of completing a claim form or any other reports that is required for claims processing
– Any other non-medical expenses
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