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Pet Insurance

Why do I need pet insurance?

Pets are like our family members and we want to protect them, whatever the cost. However, vet bills can get very expensive when an unexpected illness or injury strikes. Pet insurance can ease that burden so you can focus on choosing the best treatments for your pet.

What is reimbursement rate? How does it work?

Reimbursement rate is the percentage of eligible expenses we will reimburse. You can bring your pet to a vet of your choice - if your vet's clinic is in our network, then the reimbursement rate is 90%. If you visit a non-network clinic, the rate is 70%. E.g.: For a vet bill of HKD 100, you can claim back as much as HKD 90 for a network clinic, and up to HKD 70 if it's from a non-network clinic.

What is covered?

We cover unexpected injuries or illnesses that happen after the end of waiting periods. We offer three plans with different levels of coverage. Depending on the plan, your pet can be covered for: - Surgery - Overnight Hospitalization - X-ray and Ultrasound - Lab test (Blood test, urine test, fecal test, biopsy, and fine-needle aspiration cytology) - Prescribed Medication - General Consultation - Specialist Consultation We also provide a one-off lump-sum cash benefit of HKD 10,000 if, unfortunately, your pet is diagnosed with cancer. Please see our Pet Insurance page for more details, or you can see our sample policy wording for the fine print on coverage.

What is not covered?

Our pet insurance is designed to help you when your furry buddy unexpectedly gets hurt or sick. That’s why we don’t cover pre-existing conditions and congenital diseases, as pet parents should already be aware of them prior to purchasing insurance. Other major exclusions include pregnancy, alternative treatments, and preventive procedures such as vaccinations. Please see our Pet Insurance page for more details, or you can see our sample policy wording for the fine print on coverage.

How do I know which plan is suitable for me?

We offer three plan types: Essential, Plus and Ultra. If your main concern is huge vet bills in the case of serious accidents or illnesses, the Essential plan may work best for you. The premium is the lowest of the three plans but the key expenses including surgery, hospitalization and medication are covered. If you want comprehensive coverage that includes routine vet visits with the highest annual coverage, the Ultra plan will give you a peace of mind. The Plus plan provides a balance between the two and is our most popular option.

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