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How do I make a claim?

You can start filing the claim by: 1. Log into your personal account 2. Click "View Policy" under the policy card 3. Click "Make a Claim" to start making a claim Please note that you will need to upload a clear photo of your clinic receipt in order to successfully file a claim.

How will you reimburse me for claims?

We will make a deposit directly into the bank account you provided for any successful claims.

How long does it take to get reimbursed for claims?

90% of the reimbursements will usually be paid out within 2 business days after we receive all necessary doucment from you and your vet. The processing time may varies if there is any dispute or pending document.

Do I need pre-authorization from OneDegree for vet treatment?

No. You can take your pet to any registered vet in Hong Kong and claim eligible expenses. The reimbursement rate is different for clinics that are within and outside of our network. To avoid any delay, we suggest reminding your medical procvider to provide an itemized bill that includes: diagnosis (specify illness), symptom date and your pet name/microchip numnber. You can find a list of our network clinic here.

Do I need to prepare and submit any documents for claim filing?

We require a photocopy of your receipt, HKID and bank card. You can upload them through your online portal. We need a biopsy report from you vet if you're filing a claim for the Cancer Cash Benefit. Please keep the originals until the claim is paid as we may require them for verification. We may request your pet’s medical records and examination or diagnostic test reports of your pet’s previous visits to all veterinarians.

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