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About Us

How is OneDegree different from other insurers?

We are one of the few licensed digital insurers in Hong Kong. While we offer the same reliable protection as traditional insurance companies, our fully digital platform makes insurance easy and accessible for everyone. To find out more about OneDegree, check out our About Us page.

What's the difference between OneDegree Hong Kong and OneDegree Global?

OneDegree Hong Kong is our legal entity that holds the license to operate as a digital insurer. OneDegree Global is our sister company that collaborates with global leaders in insurance and health sectors who are interested in our digital solution. Both are under the OneDegree group (AI Financial Technology Holding Company, or AIFT, is the official legal name).

OneDegree is so new to the market, so why should I trust you?

We're financially backed by well known companies in the financial technology sector. We also work with two global giants in the reinsurance space, Munich Re and Scor Re, to make sure your money is protected. What is reinsurance? For the same reasons you would buy an insurance policy, most insurers also buy reinsurance to reduce financial burden and risk. It means we pay part of the premiums we collect to reinsurance companies and they will pay for a portion of claims made by our policyholders.

Will I be able to understand all the insurance terms without an agent's help?

We know how frustrating it can be to read all the jargon and fine print in insurance policies. That's why we made it a priority to create plans that are straightforward and easy to understand. Unlike many insurance policies out there, our pet insurance doesn't set individual limits on how much you can claim for a specific benefit as long as the total reimbursements are within the annual limit. We also clearly list out covered benefits and exclusions. If you do need any help, we are always just a message away.

Do you only offer pet insurance?

We'll be launching new products soon, including health and travel insurance. Stay tuned!

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