Turtle, Tortoise & Bird Insurance Coming Soon!

Turtles, tortoises and birds might be different from cats or dogs but they need the same to thrive. OneDegree is here to help with the first and only insurance in town specialized for these feathered and scaly friends. We take the financial pressure off you when facing the unexpected, leaving you to focus on what’s important – your pet!
Thank you, your support means everything!
With 804 pet owners having voted in favour of our petition, OneDegree will launch Hong Kong’s first and only Turtle, Tortoise & Bird Insurance on 5 December 2022









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When you bring home a pet, they become family. Every pet, regardless of species, deserves a good life with all your love and care. Will you give your pet – with or without fur – the same unconditional love and commitment?
IQ Question: Why does the tortoise always beat the hare in the race?

Because it’s the race of life. The long-lived tortoise always wins the race!

Pet tortoises can live up to 20 years and beyond. These long-lived, predominantly solitary little friends are easy to care for, but they get sick just like humans do, especially when they are not placed in the right environment or cannot get all the essential nutrients. Mild symptoms like a runny nose might seem harmless in your eyes but not necessarily so to your pet tortoise. It can be life-threatening.
Pet birds also tend to live long lives, with some parrots even reaching 80 years old! While these playful and active birds will have you smiling all day, they are sensitive creatures that are prone to injury. Treating an injured bird is no easy task given their small body size, but if you are willing to care for your feathered friend with love and patience they will be there through every event of your life as the perfect companion!
Exclusive reward for petition backers
All our 804 backers can enroll for the new Turtle, Tortoise & Bird Insurance before everyone else does, and enjoy 30% off your first year’s premium or before 31 December 2022. You can also enjoy HKD 20 Lalamove e-voucher and 20% off for OneDegree Fire Insurance, Home Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance!
At 120 %
600+ signatures
20% off pet insurance (birds and tortoises only) 
At 150 %
750+ signatures
30% off pet insurance (birds and tortoises only);
20% off OneDegree’s fire insurance / home insurance / critical illness insurance; and
HK$20 Lalamove e-voucher 
At 200 %
1,000 signatures
40% off pet insurance (birds and tortoises only);
30% off OneDegree’s fire insurance / home insurance / critical illness insurance; ​and
HK$50 supermarket e-voucher
Terms and conditions apply. Refer to the footer at the bottom of this page for details.
My pet bird / pet tortoise
Terms and conditions
1. The period of this Petition Campaign is from 22 September to 21 November 2022 (“Campaign Period”).

2. OneDegree will release pet insurance for tortoises and birds subject to receiving at least 500 petitions.

3. Participant shall fill in an online form and upload a photo of his pet on OneDegree specific website during the Campaign Period. Participants who have followed all Campaign instructions will be informed of the launch of pet insurance for tortoises and birds and are eligible to enjoy the early-bird promotion (“Priority Award”)  upon first year enrolment for the said insurance product.

4. If a participant signed the petition for more than one time, he will only be eligible to enjoy the offer once.

5. Details of Priority Awards will be announced on OneDegree website on 5 December 2022.

6. OneDegree may terminate this Campaign and Priority Award without notice. All matters or disputes in relation to this Campaign and Priority Award and the interpretation of terms and conditions shall be subject to the decision of OneDegree, which shall be final and binding.

7. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.